Saturday, January 31, 2009

Goin on a cool and adventure and they don't know what's in store. Comin from the closet and I'm headed out the door.

(Picture is of J-rae, Jess and I )
Hahahahaha. Maddi, that is freaking hilarious!!! I can’t blame the guy though: ) P.s. please keep us update about this Asher guy. I am intrigued by the situation. And please let us know if that fun lovin baldie makes another move too. Baum chica wow wow!! Haha And by the way I just thought you oughtta know, when I was reading your little blurb about Justin and I he just so happened to call. Haha. I was laughing pretty hard. I also laughed especially hard at the intro to the song. That was really special. haha . Oh! And one more thing. You, my dear, are older than myself. Also consider that Justin is older than senior Asher…He is 23.Therefore it’s a smaller age difference than mine. Haha...hmm. haha. Don’t weigh it on age difference. Just see how things go and do what feels right : )

And Jayne! I am going to agree with Maddi, especially now that she’s removed the jinx from you and placed it upon my head, you should definitely keep us updated about this boy. A name would be nice for starters : ) haha.

And a side not for Becky; I’m sorry you’re going to hear this story for the third time. Haha, but I thought it was pretty funny and an interesting part of my week, therefore….you have no choice : ) And thank you so much for your calming conversation my dear. Candle are going to be a major part of my weekend!

Alright as for a Rachel update, there’s not much monumental wise going on, just some fun little tid-bits. Alright where to begin! Michael had his birthday a week ago and when I was out with Jessie, J-rae and Justin getting ice cream, I made them all call him with me and we sang happy birthday to him. It was pretty entertaining. Michael was probably blushing on the other end with 3 girls calling him. Haha yes, he is at that stage. It’s so cute! Then Monday was Justin’s little brother jaxon’s birthday (he turned 8 : ) ) so we went to celebrate with his family. Haha, for his present Justin got him some head phones for his mp3 player and he was like “Is it lame that I’m not going to wrap it for him?” So I suggested we go to burger king and get him some French fries, put the head phones in the bag, and give him a crown to go along with the gift to indicate he was the prince for the night. Haha. The bag was a little greasy, but he loved it! And as if two birthdays weren’t enough for one week, Taylor just had hers yesterday. She is now 17. WEIRD. But it’s all good, she’s growing, so I must be too. Haha. Ok enough about birthdays!! Three in one week is plenty for me. Next subject!

You would all be exceedingly jealous! I got to go to the recording studio with Justin and his band to record their new album: ) It was so cool!! When we first came in Brett was in the sound room working on the drum part. Becky, you would drool. Haha. He’s pretty flippin awesome. So Justin and I sat in the Studio with Joel, Jordan and some girls that Jordan decided to bring along. They were very giggly. Haha. But then again, had I been with you girls I probably would be too. Haha. So we went in for a midnight session and part way through at about 2:30 when Justin had to help with sound stuff and play with Jordan(Bass) I took a nap on the nice comfy leather couch in the back of the studio. Yes. It is a very nice place. Haha. Then I wake up to Justin kissing my forehead, snuggling with me and then next thing I know it’s 5:00 and the session was over. Beautifulness. haha. Oh, p.s. If you guys get the chance you should check them out on their myspace page. Band name is Pleasant Tree. *ten thumbs up* : ) We have also gone to his bishops house for dinner, which was pretty fun. It was us and about 8 other people from his singles ward. we just had dinner and played some games and what not. And he’s teaching me how to photo shop, so we’ll have some fun with that me thinks : )

Hmm lets see. What else. Oh yeah. The story I was referring to in my note to Beck. So the other night Justin and I ( yes I guess it’s becoming apparent I spend a lot of time with Mr. Wonderful) were looking for the movie “Sons of Provo” and knew that Joel had it. So we drove out to Joel’s and spent like 20 minutes trying to break in through their sliding door. Haha. We finally got in and got the movie and on our way out of the drive way Justin and I spotted the missionaries. Him being the kind hearted soul he is just leaned out the window and says “ Hey Elders, need a ride” Meanwhile I’m looking out the window thinking one of them looks very familiar but couldn’t figure out where from. So they accepted the offer, got in the car and I turn around to see them better and the guy that looks so familiar looks at me and kind of ruffles his eye brows, and I’m sitting there thinkin, “Aha! He knows me! What’s his name tag say??!?!” And lo and behold it reads “Boizelle” haha. So Justin’s getting back into the car at this point and I’m yelling BEN at the top of my lungs. Hahaha. He was probably worried I had more than one missionary at that point. Haha. But yeah, just a fun little experience for you guys. He’s looking very happy and well fed : ) They had about three appointments after we dropped them off so they’re out doin the work and everything they should! I love our missionaries.

Speaking of the which, for the first time in nearly three months I got a letter from Riley. Tadum! He’s doing well. Things in the mission are moving along and he’s finishing up getting over Bronchitis and pneumonia. Harsh, I know. But he’s a trooper. They’ve just opened a new branch and have had success out the wazoo, so I’m happy for him : ) not much else was mentioned, but if we’re being way honest I am in a bit of a rut. I have no idea what to do about the boy situation. As Maddi said, Justin and I probably wont be just friends if this continues much longer. So it’s about time I sit down and make some choice, which as you all know is hard enough for me as is with just the concept of choices. I’m indecisive. It’s a fact. Haha. So now I have to make a big one and am kind of at a loss of what to do, so if it’s alright by you girls, I would really appreciate your prayers. Not for anyone in particular (maddi : ) ) or for a specific answer really. I just need peace and clarity of mind right now. Thank you guys : )
Alright, well it’s about time I head out. I’m sorry this was so long…but it was all too much fun. Haha. I love you girls so much!!!! Miss you bunches, be safe : )


Oh, P.s. there's a short little story I wanted to share. So I had a really bad week last week and I was just an emotional wreck for unknown reasons. Well on saturday I was supposed to hang out wiht Justin and it kept getting pushsed back. So I had a craft day to use as an outlet. Justin then comes at around 7:00. and sends me said text: Sorry I'm late, it's been a crazy day. So I was like, hey its no big deal. I had a day to be creative and its probably good so you don't see me emotional and such. haha. So i come down stairs and he get out of his car and pulls out a rose : ) I was so excited! haha. And then he procede to give me the best hug I've had in ages and he opens my door and what do i find? Two more roses on my seat and rose petals everywhere and a snickers bar!!!! Um, is amazing or what? He says, I'm sorry you had a bad day, I hope we can make it better : ) Oh goodness it makes me smile. haha ok! There's the story: ) I promise I'm honest and truly peacin out this time. haha. Lata!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh boy!

Wow, so much has happened! My computer is broken and I had to send it in for repair. I'm on one of my roommates laptops. So this is going to be a long post yet again. So first... School continues to be going amazingly well. I love my classes still. However, midterms start tomorrow and run all through next week so we'll see how I feel after that. The lab is going really well as well. I pretty much spend every spare minute there. Because I'm the newest I often get stuck with the things that nobody else wants to do. So, so far I've made mud, yes made mud. We work with a plant called arabadoppsis that has the type of Protein we're studying. So basically I made mud to fill the flower pots. I've also harvested seeds off dead plants, which is a lot harder than it sounds because the seeds are smaller than a pin head. They are pretty much impossible to handle. And then I take those seeds and spread them around on petri dishes so they can start growing. Its not really that exciting, but being in the lab is fun because I get to learn a TON and watch everyone else do really fun stuff. But basically the coolesting thing I've done is isolate DNA. But the graduate student who's project I'm working on said I'll probablly be able to start PCR next week. YAY! And everyone who works in the lab is really nice and fun. Haha but I have a funny story! My very first day in the lab, I was doing an isolation of DNA, and part of the procedure is to put the DNA in the centrifuge, which spins the stuff around really fast to pull the DNA to the bottom and leave the liquid on the top. So I put the samples in the centrifuge and let it run. But afterward the lid wouldn't open so I couldn't take the samples out. So I asked John, whos the graduate student, what I should do, and he said to just tap it lightly. So I did. Nothing happened. So he said to hit it again harder. So I did. broke! I broke something on the first day in the lab. Bad.

But it's been good since then. Hmmm.....what else. There has been a quite a stir about apartments for next fall in our apartment. Its been kind of frustrating to me because I don't know what I want to do yet. I'm probablly going to stay for Spring and Summer to continue working in lab, but I'm not sure yet. And so I don't know where I would live if I do stay and if that would affect where I would live in the fall. But then there is also that fact I REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want to share a room with Valene again. She's just not very nice. And is hard to live with. So I don't know what I'm going to do. I want to stay with the rest of the rest of my roommates because they are wonderful! But I don't know if I can do that and not room with Valene. So we'll see. I keep trying to convince Rachel to come down and room with me, but she doesn't want to leave Mr. Justin Wonderful Pants. But I say the Justinator can just move down here and work! They don't seem up for the idea. Huh Rachel?

P.S. Don't let Rachel's naive tone in her blog fool you. Her and Justin are pretty serious, and if Jayne doesn't start catching up Rae may be the first one to get married. I'm talking like September!

Now for my own love life...this is where the "oh boy" comes in. Ok, so I'm slightly interested in several boys. There is this boy at work named McKay, who is really cute, but I don't know him very well. Then there is the boy named David, who was just called to be the FHE dad with me. He just broke up with his girl friend and he's super sweet and really cute as well. And then...there's Asher. This is were all the problems start. Um...ok so Asher McKee. He's this boy in my Molecular Biology class. We actually have three classes together. Two in a row too. :) Mkay, so its Asher, and this other girl named Lexie, and I in a lab group for Molecular Biology. So Asher is WAYYYYY cute. He's a return missionary (the other boys aren't) and he's going to be a dentist! But, problem number 1: Lexie, the other girl, really likes him. She flirts with him all through class, and even though I like him, I really don't want to compete for his attention. So up till now I was like...whatever she can have him, theres tons of gorgeous guys at BYU. Well that worked up till yesterday.

Ok...yesterday: So I had MMBIO with Asher and Lexie which went fine. Lexie was flirting away as usual. It actually makes me nauseous sometimes. Anyways, afterwards Asher and I went to Chemistry together afterwards, and we sat next to each other as usual. And we talked the whole time, nothing special though. But then as we were walking out he turns to me and says "hey, I'm going country swing dancing tonight, do you want to come?" Oh boy. So I said I would think about it and let him know. I had a ton of homework to do and a couple tests to study for, so I really didn't have time. So I went to the lab and started working there and then I got a text from him asking me if I could study with him later. I said I could, so after I was done in the lab I went to the library and we studied for 2 hours. Then I went to my friend's tennis match and he walked me there because he had parked near there. And as we walked he asked me again about going dancing. And I told him about all my homework and everything but he just kept giving me reasons I should come so finally I was like fine! So he told me he'd pick me up at 8:45 because it started at 9. So I went to the tennis match and afterwards my friends and I went to Taco Bell and ate dinner. So 8:45 came around and Asher called. And earlier he had told me that other people were coming but when he called he said that everyone else had bailed out so it would be just I said that was fine. So he picked me up and we went and he paid for me and there was a half hour instruction first and then there was just a bunch of dancing. So at first we danced every dance together. He's SOOOOO good. And it was so much fun! Anyways, so earlier he had told me he never dances with the same girl twice unless he brought a girl with him. So after we danced about five dances together I told him he didn't have to dance with me everytime and that if he wanted he could dance with some other girls and that I wouldn't be upset or anything. So he was like, "alright, but can we still dance every other dance together?" And I said that would be fine. So we danced every other dance together. It was sooooo fun. He's soooo cute, and soooo sweet, and he's smart, and funny, and just wonderful! So anyways, in between dancing with him I danced with some other guys, but they weren't as good as Asher, and one guy just talked about himself the whole time. It was really annoying. But then there was Kenny... hahah oh dear. Ok so earlier Asher had pointed him out to me and said he comes a lot. He's this really old guy, probablly in his thirtys and he's almost bald. And hes Super short. Like shorter than Becky. Haha, so at first he asked me to dance for a fast swing, and he just did the same move OVER and OVER and OVER again. But then he asked me to dance the next slow song and this is where it got interesting. We talked a little bit, and he was really nice, a little weird, but nice. But then his hand started moving lower on my back towards my tushy! I was like uh...TIME TO SPIN!!! So I start spinning and then I put his hand back on my UPPER back. And then he made a really obvious glance at my chest!!! and then looked up at me and SMILED!!!! It was sooo creepy. And then he was like you have a really pretty smile. I was like....thanks....I really didn't know what to say...and then the song ended and they started playing a slow slong right after and he tried to keep dancing with me for the next song, so I kind of patted his back and was like...thanks it was fun. Haha so then Asher came up and asked me to dance for that slow song, and I told him everything that had happened, and then Asher said, "well can you blame him?" But I didn't really know what he meant so I just kind of laughed nervously. It was awkward. But afterwards he drove me home and walked me to my door and when I was halfway through the door I realized I should probablly say goodnight so I turned around and was like, Thanks Asher, I had so much fun. And he just gave me this awkward thumbs up and was like "see you Friday." It was awkward. So I went to my apartment, and it was almost 1! So I tried to go to sleep but I couldn't stop thinking about him. And then today in class I couldn't focus because I couldn't stop thinking about him. So now I'm left with three problems: The first one I already mentioned...My friend Lexie likes him. Problem two, If I like him, and he doesn't like me, I'll get hurt. Problem three, If I like him, and he ends up liking me, I don't know if I'm ready to start dating again. Especially since hes almost 23 and I'm not even 19 yet and I'm just getting over Jordan, and yeah... So I don't know what to do. I'm scared. It can go a lot of different ways and everyway it goes ends badly. :( Yeah...I'll keep you posted on what happens in the future. My roommates think this whole thing is super hilarious. They even wrote a song to the tune of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. It goes something like this:

You know Stetson and Jordan and Cody and Scott.
MJ and Doug and the many I forgot.
But do you recall, the one that beat them all?
Asher the RM boyfriend (boyfriend)
had a very lovely face
and if you ever saw it (saw it)
It would sure make your heart race. ( Like NASCAR!)

All of the other RMs (RMs)
wish they could have Maddi (Bailey face)
To bad they have no chance (chance)
All their last names go badly (like Pabladdie)

Then one Wednesday evening
Asher came to say ( hey, hey, hey)
Maddi will you go with me
to dance and swing to country?

Oh how Maddi loved him (loved him)
As she shouted out with glee (yipee)
Asher the RM boyfriend
Will you please marry me? (for eternity!)

Yeah...they're "special"

In response to Rachel's post:
Well I already mentioned before how you were super sneaky about how serious you and Justin are. I think you should marry him. But you already know what I think. Becky, Jayne, although Rae is biased, everything she says about Justin is true. He's great and a perfect match for Rachel. Oh, and I'm definately addicted to this blog as well. I love hearing from everyone.

In response to Jayne's blog:
Jayne you better keep us updated on your boy situation(s). I want to know EVERYTHING!!! And I doubt you'll make it through undergraduate, law school, and a mission, before you get married You're too beautiful for the boys to leave you alone.

Alright I think thats all for now. Also, I'm going to make our blog on private because I don't want my roommate getting on and reading what I wrote... sound good? I love you guys sooooooo much!

I'm sure we'll be getting together sooner or later for weddings!

Friday, January 23, 2009

You Girls Jinxed Me

Haha how dare you guys try to sell me off like this?? haha i am not, i repeat, i am NOT getting married first! I am the youngest and am therefore going to be the LAST to get married! ha actually I want to graduate from law school (which will be after my mission of course) before i even think of marriage!

And just for that I'm not gonna tell you about my boy situation here haha

Anyways school's going great... except for the fact that I slept on the beach with a few friends on Monday and caught a cold. So I've been dealing with that but I'm almost over it, hopefully.

Ahhh, and can I tell you how freezing this school is? my dorms don't have air conditioning... and i still freeze to death. Its ridiculous i must say.

I really don't have much too say, which is a strange concept for me. But i do love hearing about all your lives! I feel so much more connected now, even though I'm much farther away than before. I love you all sooo much.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Confession on behalf of Rachel

Lets be honest, I'm way addicted to this. I keep wanting to update and read more posts...Tanslation: I'm addicted to hearing from you girls and talking about certain specific topics. I'm just way excited to about this and everything. yes. The End :)

Daaaa dum da dum

Yes, that little diddle was the wedding march...but for a rather unexpected reason. Im getting married! Haha, ok, that's a big fat lie. However, on saturday I went to the Wedding Expo with my roommate Jessie, Friends Anna and Janarae, and last but not least, one of our very own Maddi!!!!! We galovanted around all saturday pretending that Jessie and I were engaged and preparing all the wedding plans and Anna and Maddi and J-Rae Played along. You wouldn't belive how into it Maddi got. I think she's seriously preparing for all of us to get married haha. And I daresay I agree with Maddi, Jayne. I am not surprised you already have a boy swooning over you and you may very well be the first to go....... I hear N'SYNC and am invisioning pink toe nail polish to go along with our insane girls night that WILL precede your going off the market. Alright, I'm glad we all agree!!!!A crazy bachelorette party is mandatory :) Haha.

Well lets see. Things that are new in the way of Rachel...not much, actually. I came back for school very sad that I didn't get to see my girlies, but it will happen soon. If I have anything to do with it that is. :) Coming back to SLC has been really good so far. I've finally realized this is where I need to be, however much I may miss my family and friends, this is now home. And I'm happy about it. I've actually reached the point where I'm not sure if I will be going home for summer. I mean, I'll atleast visit and spend some time there but some of my friends and I may find an apartment over the summer before next fall to establish ourselves and prepare for the next school year. So Utah may be in the cards for quite some time. Especially considering my back up plan. If all that falls through I may be staying for part of the summer with Justin's Family in a spare room they have and work for his uncle.....oh yeah, which brings up another subject :) Justin! "Justinator" or "Mr. Justin wonderful pants" as Maddi prefers to call him. Haha. I have to agree with the latter nick-name, He's pretty incredible. We've been somewhat dating for the last little while and I think you all need to meet him. If there wasn't a great guy in the world before, he is it. He's tall, has BRIGHT blue eyes, dark hair and is a musician. Haha, Becky I think we have similar taste. He wears a bandana that I think is so attractive cause it brings out his blue eyes...haha.He plays piano, guitar, sings, and has the biggest heart of anyone I know. He's also probably more excited to have a family than I am, which is a strange concept. I'm the one whose been baby hungry since I was about 11 and I think I've met my match, haha, it's pretty funny. Maddi has proposed that I marry him on more than one occasion. hahahaha. Just about anything I could say about him wont be good enough, so therefore, you all just have to meet him :) Maybe I'll bring him to our bachelorette party, hahaha.

School! Ah, school. What can I's school. I have switched to the one year certificate for Interior Design from the A.A.S. degree. It's just so cut throat, time consuming and's just not what I want to do with my life. So I oppted to get done with Interior Design And LDSBC sooner so I can go on and do things I love, like art, music, traveling or ...something, hahah. I may or may not stay in Utah after this fall semester depending on how things go with my options for school and Justin though...yes, surprisingly enough,that may be a great deciding factor.So we'll see what happens after fall semester :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is SOOOO cute!

Becky this blog is way cute! I love it. Great idea.

Alright so this post might be a little long because I feel the need to put off studying for my Molecular Biology quiz tommorrow as long as possible. this semester is going really well. I LOVE my classes. Even more than last year. And my roommates continue to be wonderful. I actually have some really exciting news. I started taking my first Molecular Biology course this semester and at the beggining of class my professor made an annoucement that he need a student or two to help with research in his lab. I was really interested but normally research is reserved for upper classman, and though I'm a junior in credits, this is only my first year at the university. So basically I thought I had no chance but I applied anyway. I was one of over 30 applicants, and guess what?!?! I got it! Yay! I'm so stinking excited. I quit my job in the bakery where I was working and I start tommorrow! I don't get paid this semester but I do get credit. And if all goes well I can be added to the payroll next semester and he said that often times they have grant money that can help pay for their students tuition! Isn't that amazing?! This is like a once in a life time opportunity. My name will be on publications and I'll be able to start going to conferences and presenting our findings. Its SOOOOO COOL!!! So as you can tell I'm really excited.

Thats basically all thats going on in my life right now though. No boys. I'm still writing Jordan, but as the days go on I grow more and more to think that I don't think we're meant for each other. So we'll see. I'm thinking about writing him a letter just to explicitly clarify that I'm NOT waiting. I plan to e-mail his mom soon and ask her advice on the subject. But as for boys...nothing serious. Dating, but nobody worth marrying...yet.

In response to Jaynes blog...

Is anybody really suprised she already has a boy in tow in Hawaii? Haha. Jayne you're probablly going to be the first one to get married out of all of us. Haha. But you look gorgeous in your picture as usual. I'm just going to ignore that comment about you needing to run and what not...
I'm glad you're enjoying college so far. Its really wonderful!

Becky- I never hear from you! Ever! How are you enjoying SUU? Boys? Fill me in silly goose.

Rae-Um...I'm actually going on a double date with you tommorrow! Yay! I love living so close! I'm actually texting you right now hammering out the details. So I guess we'll just talk tommorrow...about Justin. Haha.

I love you girls so much. And miss you all TONS AND TONS!!!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Very Long Update

Hey girlies! I suppose it's my turn to post; So much has happened since I got back so if you want a lot more details on me, go to my blog ( For a 'quick' update;

My dad is unemployed, and so when I got back, I was pretty desperate for a job, and there is nothing here. But I was blessed and got two jobs that are SO convenient for me. I seriously feel so well taken care of by my Heavenly Father. My classes are fabulous, it's taken me forever to adjust, but I love it here. My roommate is an angel, and we get along really well.

As for my love life; I have a casual date in a couple days, with a boy that calls me comment. Definetely not serious. The girl to guy ratio is like 6:1; they use that to recruit more boys for sports. That means guys don't have to try=sucks. As for the boy I like, no cigar. So just as a fill-in, he is my definition of ideal; dark hair, tan skin, electric blue eyes, and incredibly toned. And guess what else; he's a professional drummer. Yeah, as if he couldn't get any hotter. He even wears shell necklaces! (one of those little details I find a turn-on.) Well, pretty much positive that he has a girlfriend, who is gorgeous, plus the entire female population here is after him. My hopes are not high.

As for my health; this is always a funny topic. So my mum and I went and got our blood tested, because I gained a lot of weight, really fast, while I was exercising like crazy and dieting. (3-4 pants sizes) We were worried that we both had hypothyroid, or that I was diabetic. Low and behold-we both have off the charts high cholestorol. I'm 18, and I have the cholestorol of a 50-year-old-donut-eating-copper. (never used that many - consecutively before). So I am on a really strict diet, to test if it's genetic or habit-induced(doubtful). On my mums side of the family, people die of massive heart-attacks. I am now drinking skim milk. It's not too bad, but as dancer I am not supposed to have this much fat on my body. Plus I really can't afford to keep buying new pants. The other funny thing about my health, is that I busted some ribs coughing over break. That means I am not allowed to wear bras for several weeks. Teehee! Not that I do anyways, but the fact that I get to say my chiropractor forbids it, is really quite liberating.

So the last thing I should probably address is HOPE. I was asked to join our insitute show choir, about a week ago. Really random, on the spot thing. So now I have to open my peepers at like 5:30 am. So early!!! But worth it. More on that later. Love you all, miss you all, and I'm glad that you guys like the blog!


Thursday, January 8, 2009


Hey sisters! Just got in from the beach! ha its so beautiful here, i wish you all could see it! I walk down to Temple Beach all the time; it has an amazing view of the Hawaii Temple. My classes are all going great so far! I have a lot of reading every day, but the library is so cute i love the time i spend there. I feel like I eat a lot here cuz i meet up with my friends at every meal so i never skip...i need to stop that. haha I've met some amazing people here, but i miss you girls so much. Cant wait to see you all again! Hmm... lets see. Well its me, so obviously I have a crush here. He's gorgeous. We're going to start running on the beach together every morning in an attempt to get Jayne in shape. We'll see if that happens. ha So how is school goin for you all? Lovves!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome to the Blog

Hey Girls! It's Beck, and this is officially the first blog post for the sisterhood. I don't know if any of you want to participate in the design of the blog, but let me know. (Like if you think that the background is absolutely heinous, give me a heads up ok?). There are still some things to work out (like do we want this to be private or public), but even if you don't know how to set up a blog it is pretty easy to post. All you have to do is sign into the blog (using the username and password I gave you), and then click on posting. Type what you want, and load up a picture; it is as simple as that. I hope you guys enjoy this!