Sunday, February 22, 2009

So you know the saying "well at least it can't get any worse"?

Well I seemed to be a big fan of that phrase this week, and if I recall correctly, Jane in Tarzan said something to the effect of that, and then is started to rain. I feel a little bit like that this week. Its just been awful. I guess I'll just go in chronological order.

Monday: A holiday, a nice relaxing day, no school, should be nice right. WRONG. It was super stressful. I can't even remember it all now, I just remember being so frustrated all day. But I do remember that night...ok, so I'm FHE Mom and I love my calling so much. I love the boy I get to serve with, hes amazing and SO supportive. Hes wonderful. And I love the people who are in our group, we're all really close, and have so much fun when we're together. However, lately a lot of people have been choosing to do things other than come to FHE, such as go on a date or take a test or sleep or what not. So it was ok for a little bit until it started to become a trend. One time I put a lot of effort into planning a really fun activity and I got there and only 4 other people showed up. There are 18 people in our FHE group. I was not happy. And the sad part is that most of the people who aren't coming are my roommates. It was really starting to hurt my feelings. So Monday night, we planned this activity where we went to a tumbling gym that had all this really fun stuff. So I get ready to go and one by one my roommates all come up with an excuse of why they aren't going. So I just go with the rest of the group to the tumbling gym and we carpool over there and we pull into this really sketchy parking lot next to what looks like an abandoned warehouse. I was scared. So we go inside, and it REAKS!!! I'm not even kidding, this was one of the worst smells I have ever smealt in my life. It smelled like old, moldy, sweaty, socks. It was nasty. So after overcoming the smell and trying to train myself not to breath, I go up to this desk, where this guy is sitting. And this guy....oh boy...he looks like he hasn't showered in weeks, and we smells too. And he opens his mouth and he has 4 teeth! Four! And under his bottom lip he has a piece of chew tabbacco. I was about to die. It was the grossest thing I had ever seen. Anyways...we actually ended up having a really fun night. So we play there for awhile and when I get home, I sent out an e-mail to everyone expressing my concerns about FHE attendance. I tried to make it really generic, just saying how I missed everyone when they didn't come, and how the other kid and I put a lot of work into FHE so it will be fun, so it hurts my feelings when people don't come, and at the end I just asked them to try and take their tests earlier or afterwards etc. No big deal I thought, just trying to communicate. Well I guess it was a huge deal, and I offend ALL my roommates because I specifically targeted them in my e-mail. Great....

Tuesday: Mkay, so earlier last week I got a letter in the mail saying there is a warrent out for my arrest: LONG story, read my blog if you want to hear it. So basically I spent the whole morning on the phone with the court trying to figure everything out. So I kind of get that taken care of, so I go to sign my contract for housing for next fall. I head over to the complex and get the contract for the apartment. I think I mentioned before the whole drama about the housing situation, if not, just read my blog ( So I get over there, meet my new roommates, they are super great, and I go back to the office to give them my deposit. Well as I search for my wallet in my purse I can't find it and realize that I must have left it at that creepy tumbling gym!!! So basically, I had to write a check, but only for a part of the amount because I don't have enough money in the account that the checks are for. Tuesday=bad bad day.

Wednesday: My roommates are still mad at me, there is still a warrent out for my arrest, my wallet is still missing and it got worse. Again, there is this whole background about the housing, but basically, we wanted an apartment on the third floor, we were told there were no apartments left on the third floor, and so we got an apartment on the first floor. Well, our friends come back from signing their contract at the same complex, and they tell us that two girls who are friends with our other roommate just left there and they had recieved a third floor apartment. So I called. Apparently, because we had put our name on the list really early we had pretty high priority when it came to room choice, and the two girls who were friends with our roommate, had gone in and said they were with us and used our priority to get a third floor apartment. I guess they had "limited" third floor apartments and when they asked us if the first floor apartment was okay, thats what they meant, and we just misinterperted what they were saying. So I got mean, the lady got scared, and a couple hours later we had a third floor apartment.

Thursday: Still a warrent for my arrest, my roommates are still mad, and my wallet is still missing. So I spend most of Thursday trying to get a hold of the tumbling gym to find out if they have my wallet. They NEVER answer their phone! And earlier I think I told you guys how I decided I was going to room with Valene again next semester. Well things seemed to be going well, she was being decent at least. And I was trying really hard to form a bond with her so next fall would be better. Well I don't know if I just became more sensitive to everything she said, or if she decided to take it up a notch, because it seemed like every other word out of her mouth was telling me what a horrible person I am, how much better she is than me, just being a complete brat. I don't know what I'm going to do next semester.

Friday: Still a warrent out for my arrest, and my wallet is still missing. I guess my roommates are over the e-mail by now which makes things a little bit easier. I had been postponing taking a test because I haven't had my wallet, and you need your ID to take a test. But it was the last day to take it so I spend most of the morning trying to get in contact with someone from the gym. I had no luck at all and finally just went to take my test. So I get to the testing center, I explain that I've lost my wallet and have no form of ID whatsoever. They tell me they can't give me a test without any ID and send me to the ID office (which is on the other end of campus). So I go the ID office, ask for a new ID, and they tell me I can't get a new ID without giving them my old one or paying for a new one. I have no way to pay since I don't have my wallet and I don't have my old ID because...well its in my wallet too. So no luck there. I go back to the testing center, explain to them the situation, how its the last day to take the test and everything, and finally they send me down to a computer in the lobby of the testing center to take a picture with my cell phone of a picture on the computer of my Student ID. So they used that and I was finally able to take the test. Ugh.

Saturday: Still a warrent out for my arrest and no wallet. But I'm thinking...hey the weeks over, it can't get any worse, its Saturday, I'm good. Hahaha....well that day, we had planned to go to the Draper Temple open house as an FHE family. I tried to help plan some of it, but one of my roommates was doing it and she got frustrated when I tried to help because she thought I was taking over. So I backed off and let her do her thing. We were planning on a doing a picnic before hand at a park nearby and then go to the temple. So they had it all planned out. We met before hand to make the food, and everyone was running behind. Basically we got to the park an hour later than they had planned and we had five minutes to eat. But no big deal, its just a picnic, the important part was the temple. But then one of the boys who is in our FHE group, hes new and wasn't here last semester, decided to wander off and disappear. He just walked off. No one knew where he went, or why, or what was going on at all. (He is so weird you guys, I have no idea what to do. Hes SOOOOO weird.) So we spend the next 15 minutes looking for him, finally find him, and hes upset about something but he won't tell anyone whats wrong!!! Meanwhile, its Valene's parents who drove us there, not a smart idea, but not my idea, and they are getting really impatient and freaking out because we were supposed to be at the temple by 3:00 and it is now 3:15 and the boys are still off trying to talk to Jacob (the weirdo) to figure out whats going on. So they are expressing their displeasure with me, because its apparently my fault that everything is running behind. (Its always my fault when it comes to Valene and her family, read my blog if you want more on that) So finally we all are getting in the car, and I turn to talk to the other girls who are getting in their car and tell them whats going on, and one of them just freaked out and started being super mean and rude and it totally came out of no where. So we have Jacob off being a mute, the other girls (not from our apartment but the other one) mad for who knows what reason, and everyone else mad at me because we're not going to be on time for our scheduled "tour". So I started crying. I just couldn't take it anymore. We got to the temple and I was able to talk with the girls a little bit to find out what was wrong. I guess they had been feeling left out all semester, and even last semester and it was just a bad day where it all accumulated at once. (sound familiar, Natalee anyone? I'm a magnent for these kinds of things) So basically, I'm to the point where I'm breaking down because I feel like everything is all my fault, like I'm a horrible person, and I just don't know what to do. I'm crying and I go and talk to David, my FHE husband, and he was sooo sweet. We were able to talk about things and figure out what we should do right then, and set a time to meet so we could fix everything else. So we went through the temple, apparently you didn't even need a reservation, you could just walk in and go through, so it didn't matter at all what time we got there. It was fun, awkward because we were still with the other girls, and I had to maintain civil conversation with Valene's parents, but the temple was beautiful. And no matter how bad the week had been, you couldn't help but feel the spirit there. It was a good way to end the week from HELL!!!

Sunday: Today, still a warrent for my arrest, still no wallet, but it wasn't that bad of a day. I hope its a sign of the rest of this next week. Church went really well. I'm back to being extremely frustrated with Valene, she keeps saying things and just being such a huge Brat, I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't know if I'm going to be able to finish out the semester with her, let alone spend a whole term again with her next fall. When I prayed about it, it felt right. I'm supposed to room with her, but its not going to be easy. I'll keep you posted.

Becky- I was pretty much dying of laughter when I read your embarassing story. I wish I could have been there. Haha. And you would love Mr. Justin Wonderful Pants. Hes so good to Rae Rae. But Brett...well I don't think you would like him actually. Not like that anyways. He's way fun and you would probablly be good friends, but I can't see you and him...well you know...:) As for college you sound like your having fun. I wish I would get asked to dance here, actually I just wish I was half as gorgeous as you so I could talk to a boy without feeling like an idiot. answer your question, yes I will get paid to make mud next semester. I'm excited!

Jayne- I am so jealous. I would so much rather be at the beach then trecking through the snow up here. And your life is SOOOO not boring, especially with all those gorgeous guys following you around. I can see why Cory's girlfriend doesn't like you though, because as soon as he figures out you're intrested, she's going to be dropped like a hot tamale.

Rachel- Thanks for uploading all those pictures! They are way fun. Haha oh the memories! I'll have to see if I can find some to upload too. You need to come back down to Provo and bring the Justinator with you or maybe not, because then you can go on a date with Jake :).

I love you guys so much. I hope my huge blog about how miserable this week was didn't depress you. I actually am really happy here even though I miss you all like CRAZY!!! I'll try to blog on my own blog soon so you can read it and fill in some of the gaps with this story that didn't exactly make sense. Well its late, and I better get my beauty sleep because I see Asher tommorrow. Haha

Love you!


Friday, February 13, 2009

uno mas

Thanks for the memories

yes, that is tartanic :)


Just some fun pics I found. And believe me there are much more to com :)

Man life is good

Monday, February 9, 2009


I love the background by the way. Good pick, whoever chose it, and sorry Pig I didn't have a better picture of my hair. You can't really tell it's red, but I will get a good one.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Late As Usual

Okay my lovely ladies, this has been an incredibly stressful week for me, partly brought on my own decisions, so I apologize for being so remiss in my blogging....But I have new pictures this week! (you should be very proud....I haven't loaded pictures this whole year) The top is of me and my incredible roommate Krysta, middle with some roommates and a friend from dance at the institute dance, and the bottom is from a long time ago, in Disney Land. This one is for Rae to see the Wolf fix face paints.

Oh my heck! Madd-that guy is a creep-o! (the balding dude) But I must say, it's quite healthy to like several guys at once...It means you get to pick the best one! (It's like being at the grocery store; you sample before you buy, and if he's bruised, you chuck him back into to the carton. JK...I just went grocery shopping.) Your lab sounds way fun. And of course you are a genious face- I have absolutley NO clue what an Arabadoppsis is- so it's sounds like the perfect job for you. Will you get paid to make mud next semester....because that would be so rad. Plus it's a great conversation starter. ;)
Rae, I cannot believe how grown up all your brothers and sisters are! Holy crow! But I bet our parents think the same about us. Just a couple of years ago, we were going to Disney Land together, and having slumber parties. So when I come up to SLC, you should hook me up with this Brett boy....I love drummers! By the way babe....Mr. Wonderful Pants really really is wonderful. I mean if he's kissing you on the forehead, and he snuggles and picks up random missionaries, and he's a musician....he is really sweet. I hardly know him, but he sounds incredible.
Pig....darling; if your life is boring, than you can compare mine to living in a convent. To be honest, that's about how much action I am getting. Hawaii sounds so incredibly nice. And to be honest, I like the sound of that blonde-haired, blue-eyed, brazillian dude. Of course you fit in with older kids-you outgrew high school sophmore year. Hawaii sounds so spontaneous, and relaxed. I am totally going to come visit. (when I become a famous author, and am loaded with cash of course.)
So I started writing this post on Saturday and apologize for the wait, but I am glad I didn't finish, because I have some good stories to share. So I feel like it is literally impossible for me to go to bed before midnight. Even if I am getting ready at like 10:00pm. So I have been exhausted, and so ready for the weekend. On Friday night, I went to an institute dance, and can I tell you how much I LOVE dancing? I'm not talking about the kind on stage, with rehearsals, and costumes, I am talking about unrehearsed, sweaty, euphoric dancing, where you don't think, you just do. So it was a pretty good dance, with decent music. Typically during these dances there are enough guy partners for 1/3 of the girls there, and half of them won't dance. SO annoying. They come and just stand by the wall, or huddle in groups like they're still in junior high. That means I have to go ask them to dance. Everytime. I loathe it. I am so sick of having to drag some dude onto the dance floor. But this time my luck changed. For some magical reason, I was asked almost every single dance, and at one point there were three different guys lobbying for a dance. I felt really bad for this one guy who kept coming back, and getting pushed out of the way by the other guys. (I swear I was nice!)
Okay so now here's the funny/embarrassing story. On Saturday night, one of the girls from HOPE choir was having a birthday party, and I was going to just stay at home and watch a movie with Krys, but her boy showed up, and so I went to the party. We played the game WINKUM. I do not like that game. I was seriously abused. (everyone stands in 2 circles, facing in, with a partner, x-cept for 1 person, who winks at someone in the front. That person has to try and get away, while the partner tackles, grabs, and yanks you back.) Well everyone is bigger and stronger than me, and I am getting clobbered. So I was wearing these brown athletic pants, that aren't very tight around the waist. And I was trying to get away from a particularly stubborn patner, and I leapt, and she wouldn't let go. The guy I was trying to get to grabbed my outstretched arms, and yep if you haven't guessed it already, my pants flew off. Literally. They were at my ankles, and everyone was gasping, and all the guys were shielding their eyes. (I'm not kidding). I had spandex on underneath, but it was rolled up pretty high. So it didn't do a whole lot of good. Everyone was shocked, and the girl was apologizing, and then one guy was like,

"Hey, well at least you've got nice legs." Oh thanks...but obviously you didn't get a very good look. Then he was really friendly to me the rest of the night. Then there is this other guy in choir who is really touchy and intense, and he kept putting his hand around my waist, and on my shoulders. I have a real issue with attention I don't want from the guys I don't want it from.

Overall though, it was pretty funny, and a good weekend. But wow, talk about breaking the ice. There are no inhibitions now. Love you girls.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mellow Yellow

Your lives all sound so wonderful, interesting, and fast-paced! I feel like mine is quite the oposite. Mine is pretty mellow, but I'm lovin every minute of it.

I have some of the coolest friends here. I have a small group of kids that I hang out with constantly. I am by far the youngest but I feel like I fit in anyways. haha we have a lot of fun. Like on friday we all went on a group grocery trip to get cake-mix and ice cream then we went back to one of my friends who lives off-campus and we made homeade ice cream sandwiches. While they were getting firm we went to the school's talent show. It was hilarious. Then walking back we saw fireworks in the sky so we ran to the beach and all chilled and watched them. Then we went back to get our treats and took them down to Hau'ula where we watched a movie. After the movie we went back to my friends house and sat on the trampoline to look at the stars (which are incredible here by the way) Anyways, every day is seriously perfect here, I can't think of anywhere else I would rather be.

Oh! I want you to know that I am finally getting some resemblance of a tan! Me and three boys that I met yesterday went to Waimea Bay beach where you can cliff jump. The sun was out for once so instead of doin much jumping we all just chilled on the top of the rock and caught some sun. I, of course got a little burned, but this morning i didn't look burnt I just looked a shade or two darker. Yay for Jayne! But after the beach yesterday I went with the same boys to a different beach once it got dark and we had a bonfire and cooked s'mores. (Apparently bonfires are the thing to do here cuz thats what everyone does when their bored) It was way fun, I just kinda felt like one of the guys. One of the boys, Cameron, ( the one I think is the cutest hehe) promised to put a dred in my hair (aka rats tail ha!) so Im very excited for that. ha

Anyways for the boy situation here... There are lots of boys here that I find attractive. The one I was referring to in an earlier post is named Zach. He went on a mission to Taiwan so everyday he teaches me a few words or a phrase in Chinese. He's amazing, he's in my "group" so we spend a lot of time together. However, he more or less is starting to feel like an older brother . Then there is Taylor. He's my tall, blonde hair,blue-eyed surfer boy. ha He grew up here in Hawaii and i dunno, we just hit it off really well. Every one of our friends tried to set us up, and he likes me...we've gone on quite a few super fun dates, but he isn't going on a mission until this fall so Im not sure how smart starting something would be. Haha then there is Gabe. He's from Brazil and has amazing curly blonde hair. He has a super thick accent and is really cute. He definitely made it known that he is into me, but he's 26 and my friends here aren't a fan of him. haha and then the sad thing is if i could have my pick of any guy on the island, it would be Cory. He's the whole package. He's a basketball player here, He's really smart, He's really attractive, He's so incredibly sweet, He's everything. We're really good friends and we study together a ton.... But he's dating his sister-in-law's little sister. Wierd. She lives in my hale (dorm) and she's not very nice to me. I don't think she's very pretty either but Cory really likes her anyways.

ha so Ta-dah! Thats my life :) not as fun as yours all sounds but its still mine, what can ya do right? haha

i love you all to pieces!