Saturday, June 13, 2009

Alright. I already tried this about twice and someone turned off my computer and I lost all of about seven stinkin hilarious paragraphs and then my computer died the other time. SO I'm just gonna start all over. I had responded in some very comical ways to everyones last posts, but lo, they are lost. I am very sad about this.
Maddi-Wifeypoo - I mentioned a few ways to get rid of your roommate and then some comical things about pirates and putting jello in her toilet to solidify overnight and laughing afar from a motorhome i came to rescue you in and all this crazyness about sending valene on a long voyage on an impossible rafting trip alone in the ocean and getting kidnapped by pirates... I hope you can get a good mental image from that alone, cause thats about all I recall. haha.

Jaynie - I whole heartedly approve of living in a library cut off from boys for a few years. I shal join you. Although I'm sure that at this point in time you probably are slightly more fond of boys again :) haha. And don't worry, I'm not getting married anytime soon if we're going off of things the way they are right now. Yes more will follow on that matter shortly :) But I miss you bunches and think we need to find a time to get together soon. I haven't seen you in too long of a time.

Rabeaky - As Jayne and I have mentioned....boys are silly and I agree with her. Don't date the jerks. And I'm so thirlled for you that you book is coming along. I loved what I heard of it and can't wait to read the finished product. And I'm sorry if I've forgotten the gender. It's been a while since I tried to update and things got messed up, but I shall now relay the news you asked me to on our last conversation. Lauren is having a baby girl! haha ok I'm going to call you can double check really quick just to be sure.....Yes! It is a baby girl :) Congrats for being an aunty!
Haha alright as for news, there's a a lot a bit. haha. Lets start with these lovely pictures :) Yes, they are of Europe!!!!! This first on is at Versailles in France. going from the top we've got Tyler (the blonde one), Mindauges (kinda hiding behind a head), Danny smack in the middle, Justin (not my justin, a friend), Myself and Robbie. Tadum. This was a stinkin awesome day. Good pictures, good laughs, and incredible sights.
This is a shot from one of our ridiculously long road trips. We had six of us in a five passenger car for a grand total of about 30 hours. haha. We had three in the back, one across the lap and two in front THE ENTIRE TIME. And guess who got to be on top for most of it...Yes. The little girl.Me. haha. I am actually going to see a chiropractor on monday too...this aided in my cause. haha. From the back and from left to right we have Tyler,Me, Justin,Danny on our laps,Robbie and Mindauges in front. It was Mindauges' car. A black BMW. We made that thing more white trash that it ever should have been. haha
This one is in front of the Louvre. Robbie,Justin,Me,Danny.THIS was so cool. I wanted to stay longer..but hey, I was with three guys. haha. Tyler and Mindauges went with some girls we met at the timeshare for this part of the day. I actually hav a picture of them on here too. They were canadian. Oh lets see. This was one of the last days and we were stinkin pooped for it. After the Louvre we walked to the Arche de Triumphe and it took about, oh, an hour and a half. My feet were so stiff I could hardly walk. Terrible. haha. Oh my goodness, before I forget. This was also where they jumped into a hollow column in the Louvre, about a nine foot drop, where there were no cameras and pulled out a ton of old Euros. I thought we were gonna get arrested for sure.haha. I'll have to get the videos and put em on here when I get the chance :)
And here we are on the Eiffel Tower. Yes. We took the stairs. It was killer. My butt looked so good after this trip and all the walking and stairs we climbed. From the left we have Danny, Robbie, Me , Justin, Kara,Tyler, Carine. The guys had a goal to kiss a girl on the Eiffel Tower before we left...We were there for three hours....And none of them got a kiss. hahaha. Ok, that's a lie. Tyler did. He got one of that Canadians to do it. But the other guys don't know that :) haha. They did however find a girl who gave us directions and was ridiculously confident. She ended up getting kissing pictures in front of the eiffel tower with Danny, Justin AND Robbie. There ya go. Some people have no shame. haha. I refer to the boys in that. All kissing the same girl within two minutes of eachother.haha.

There's our stair shot of climing up the tower. Tyler and the Canadians actually took the elevator. We wanted to be able to say we climbed all the way up :) Oh! Maddi you will like this. I'm not sure you can tell incredibly well in these pictures, but justin looks like Jerry from seignfeld :) haha. Ok Just because I'm gonna try and get another picture on here of him so you can see. hahahahaha. I'll probably put it on another one. But it will get posted :)