Tuesday, May 26, 2009

White. Yes.

Yay. Looks like we're doing the blogging thing again! Well my first pic is when i went to utah. Melissa, Maddi, Me, Jon. The next one is an old one i found of a random Flagstaff trip. K so my turn to catch everyone up. On my past 2 months. I decided I have a very white personality type when it comes to this kinda thing. Hmmm... K so I finished my first semester at BYUH. Made some amazing friends there. Avoided most drama. Happy. Came home. Made Melissa, one my "original 8" (my group of besties in Hawaii) fly down from Vegas to spend a few days with me. We had fun. We went to the lake and stuff. Then I went to Prom with Tanner. Super fun. My dress was obnoxious and purple.Then i did nothing for a while other then sleep. Well i kindaish started dating this boy. Eh that didnt last long. Shocker. Him and I drove up to Utah together. He continued on to Idaho but i stayed in UT. I got to see Maddi! She conveniently forgot to write that in her good-news part of her blog. And I got to see all but 3 of the kids from my group from HI. We partied. Happy. I flew home and decided to actually spend time with friends here. Its been fun actually. Ive been on some fun dates. One of my favorites was going to the new Toby Keith restaurant. It was way good. Well, okay, i ordered a grilled cheese sandwich so i dunno how you could mess that up. But it was still good. Oh yeah I graduated from high school too. It rained during the entire ceremony. I looked disgusting afterwards or I woulda posted pics. It was cute. Ive really just been having a good time in Mesa. Like Ive been hanging out with some kids that I always wanted to be better friends with here, and some that I never wanted to be better friends with but theyve turned out to be pretty cool. I go back to school in a week. Like Becky Im gonna be an RA. Hopefully it will be fun cuz im contracted to do it for 1 full year. Is it bad that Im tired of dating and would be perfectly happy if I were allowed to live in a library and not see people other than my professors for oh, the next 5 years or so?
Rachel, dont get married just yet. please and thank you.
Maddi, um Jesus said love everyone. And good luck getting rid of the red-head. And yay for the Jordan letter.
And Becky, cant wait for your finished book. And dont date the jerks, thats my specialty.
Well, like always. I love you guys and feel honored to be your friend and be allowed to have some small part in your lives, even if its just through this blog. Loves.


That was long. Pictures next time.

I know I know I know...

I've been slacking on the blogging thing. My sincerest apologies. :) Ok so story time. Chronological order ofcourse:

Well I finished my first term at BYU. It turned out fairly well, I still have all my limbs and sanitity. Yay me! I was promoted to Bakery Manager at the creamery. I'm in charge of the entire bakery, so cool. My roommate from last semester...okay buckle up this is going to be a wild ride:

Ok, so I can't really remember how much I've told you guys but I'll just tell you the whole thing...

So my roommate is named Valene, she is a red head, from Utah, and an English major. As soon as I heard that I really should have run for my life. So when I found out Valene is my roommate, I start e-mailing her to start getting to know her. Its weird from the start... She e-mails me and she asks me a few questions about myself, then proceeds to go on for 5 paragraphs about ber herself, how she is first chair in her orchestra, how she was number 3 in her class, how all the boys are in love with her, how her dad makes so much money, and how she is in the middle of writing a best seller about cats. We preceed to e-mail and she askes me how I want to decorate our room. I'm thinking a simple color scheme, but then she starts talking about a budget, and curtains, and art for the walls... I mean thats cute, but we're only going to be in this dorm for less than a year. So I finally get to BYU and oh boy...

So when you pick your room in the dorms, you fill out this survey about your sleeping habits, cleanliness, music etc. And then you can look at what your potential roommate said to see if you would be compatiable. Well I didn't know all of this, but when I found out some of her answers things started to make a lot of sense. Example: One of the questions reads, "How clean would you say you are" Answers, A) Really Messy B) Somewhat messy C) Fairly clean D) Extremely clean, a sock on the floor causes extreme stress....(I kid you not) Ok so I put C, I'm a fairly clean person and so thats what I put. Later do I find out she put D!!! AHHHHHHH kill me now! So, like any normal college student, I wake up late one day and I don't have time to make my bed...Heaven forbid. When I get home...she sweetly, (everything is done oh so sweetly) that I need to make my bed. Hmmmm....ok? It got to the point where one time she told me I couldn't go take a test until I made my bed. I was like... you've GOT to be kidding me.

She has this boyfriend named Matt and she bosses him around like none other. And then she comes home and asks me a million questions about if I think Matt is good enough for her because she is SOOO amazing?! And she stayed out with him till 4 or 5 in the morning and then comes home and turns on all the lights while I'm trying to sleep. But get this...I was out on a date one night, and it was 11pm and she called and told me I had been out too long and that it was time for me to come home! She does it in the morning too, she had an 8 in the morning class so she would wake up at 7 and turn on all the lights and put on music! And when I asked her about it one time, she said she did it because it was time for me to wake up.

She was super judemental, like I had strep throat for 2 weeks so I spent a lot of time in bed resting and such, and that next week her mom came over at like 11am and I was in the kitchen doing something and she said "Wow, I'm suprised you're out of bed, Valene says you don't get out of bed till like 3 or 4 in the afternoon" Um...ok? It was a nightmare, let me tell you. She has told me I'm ugly, stupid, and fat all in one day. She's a hoarder, and uses peoples things without asking, but never shares ANYTHING of hers. She brought $60 pans to college and got mad when we used them, even though she would use our flour, sugar, cinnamon, and pans to make 10 loaves of bread, and wouldn't share a single slice!

So basically I acted out passively agressively and made our room a complete disaster. I left all my dirty clothes on the floor and never made my bed and when she demanded that I clean up I said NO! So we had this big long talk, she told me all the things that were horrible about me, and when I tried constructivly to explain some of the things that she does that bother me she said she never does any of those things, and that she couldn't compromise anymore than she already had...

But I was pressured and signed a contract to live with her this next fall. Really really really dumb, I know. She is currently in London right now. More to come on the topic of Valene later.

Ok...so my other roommate and I went on this killer roadtrip as soon as finals were over. We went to San Fransisco, down to LA, and then to San Diego. It was SO fun. She dropped me off in Mesa on her way to Georgia. I stayed in Mesa for a week and half to spend time with my family. And then flew back up to Provo, to work for the summer.

So I get back to Provo and move into my new apartment just down the street from my new apartment. I meet my two new roommates who are both name Lexie, funny I know. They are super nice and we hit it off really well. But then I try to bring my boxes into my room, and I can't open the door...so I shove and push a little bit and open the door a crack so I can see whats going on inside. It looks like a tornado went through the room...Paper, clothes, boxes everywhere, so that I couldn't even open the door! Both beds are covered so I shove my way into the room and start shoving things onto one side of the room so I have some space to put my stuff. My room roommate then comes home. Her name is Heather, she is from Tiawan and doesn't speak English very well. She seems nice...she says she will clean up a bit. Two weeks later...still a huge mess. But it gets worse, she is the loudest person I have ever met. Every single movement she makes is a Bang. She walks loudly, talks loudly, and even breaths loudly. So she'll come home at 4 or 5 in the morning and makes TONS of noise and wakes everyone up.

Theres more...when she does get home really late, I'll be in bed, under the covers asleep and she'll come into our room and start trying to talk to me. Even though the lights are off and I'm obviously asleep. She talks to herself, loudly of course. And she is the filthiest person I have ever ever met. She makes food, chicken or beef and not only does it REAK and stink up our whole apartment but she'll leave it sitting on the counter uncovered for days! She doesn't wash her hands after going to the bathroom, she touches things after touching raw meat, and...drum roll please...she was on her period and bled all over the bathroom, the toilet, the floor everywhere! It was the nastiest thing I've every seen. But here is where it gets bad... she brings strange men over to our apartment. Story time: Story #1 Patrick. Patrick is a friend of Heathers who is also from Tiawan. So Heather is taking a nap, and I'm the only other one home and there is a knock at the door. I open the door and there is standing a scary Asian man. He asks for Heather and I explain that she is taking a nap, he then says, "Oh I know, she told me to just sit in your kitchen till she woke up." ?!?!?!?!?!? So I can't go back into my room because Heather is sleeping so I have to sit with this guy, Patrick, and make small talk. He proceeds to tell me that he smokes and does weed. Great I'm alone with this guy and if he trys to rape me well I wouldn't be suprised if Heather sleeps through my screams. She didn't wake up for 2 hours.

Mkay Story #2 totally tops Story #1: Patrick and Heather and Strange man number 2 come to our apartment. Again, I am the only one home and they walk in and Heather tells Strange man #2 to sit and talk with me while she and Patrick go somewhere. So Strange man #2 sits down and Heather and Patrick leave. So I have to sit in my apartment alone with a strange man and make small talk. So strange man #2, Donald, starts making small talk, until he proceeds to offer me weed and ask me why I haven't invited him back to my bedroom for sex yet!!!

Offically the roommate from HELL!!! I thought I might get lucky after dealing with Valene, but OHHHHHH NO! I went from one extreme to the other. But, Heather has boys over way past curfew so we are working with managment to catch her breaking the honor code so they can terminate her contract....and speaking of Valene, she started bossing me around from another COUNTRY!!! She e-mailed me and told me she would be taking the bed by the window since I had it last time....great. So I decide, no way am I going to live with her again after having dealt with Heather all summer, so I go down and talk to management about roomming and they inform me that she had already e-mailed them about switching rooms behind my back. So thats when the crap hit the fan, I e-mailed told her she couldn't pay me to live with her agian and that we were going to find a girl to switch apartments with her. She e-mailed back saying, " You can't do that, you can't just kick me out with no where to go, I signed a contract for that apartment and you can't make me leave" even though she had e-mail the management less than a week ago asking to do that very same thing. So right now we're in the process of trying to find someone to switch with her...

THE END, well of roommate stories...

So I'm working at the Creamery still as a manager. I love it. And now I'm being paid in the research lab. Our research is going great, we had a little set back this morning but hopefully it will be fixed. My mom is in town, so its been nice to escape Heather for most of the day everyday.

I'm not dating that one boy anymore, he started to get flaky so I said goodbye. I got a letter from Jordan today :) He sounds SO good. Still not sure, what I'm thinking about him yet...however I do know that if he were to come home tommorrow I would marry him. Haha

My computer is broken. Dell is SUPER dumb and I HATE THEM!!!! I sent it in for this same problem in January under warrenty and they said they fixed and sent it back, however two weeks ago the same problem happened so I called and they said they wouldn't fix it because it was no longer under warrenty, even though it was the original problem that was NEVER fixed. So I took it to a computer repair place and they diagnosed it as a short in the Mother board that probablly had existed since the computer was made! And that it would cost $400 to fix! I hate my life! So thats whats going on...

You are offically caught up in my life. You're welcome.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Update from Becks

Hey my loves...sorry it's been like forever. I have been soooooo busy. So I just caught up on my other blog, and so now I will paste part of that, and add some, bc there's so much.

So first things first: School. Oh my heck! It was unbelievably busy, and stressful-Like I wanted to cry. But as stressed as I was, I finished well. The things I thought I bombed I actually didn't. I ended up with a 3.95 YAY!!!! Exciting right? Well I hardly had any academic classes, and it's pretty hard to fail your dance classes so it is really more of a joke than anything else. The unfortunate part is that due to budget cuts my scholarship got cut to a 1/4 of the original. The ironic part-my GPA is higher than the gpa that got me the original scholarship. So somehow I am going to have to come up with the extra money. We'll see how that goes.
Next: Moving out. Have I mentioned I hate this? Hate, hate, hate, double hate, LOATHE ENTIRELY!!!!! (The Grinch reference was totally for you Steph, although the sentiments are still mine). I almost cried at that part too. So besides a couple of my roommates, namely Krys who is my room roommate, they have been huge jerks, who backstab, exclude, never never clean, and have the attitude of 'holier than thou'. Essentually, me, Krys, and another one of my roommates who they literally would never talk to, had to clean the majority of the house. It was disgusting. Since the garbage cans outside were full, they just started leaving all their junk/garbage on the floor and the table,moldy food in the fridge. If the house had been inspected by officials, it probably would have been condemned. (so maybe that's a little melodramatic, but not by much). Me and krys and one other roommate were the only ones who cleaned out of 8 girls. I have been holding back on complaining about this because I was trying to be patient and what not...but that last weekend cut that resolve. I was livid.
Third: HOPE tour. (above pictures) In a word: Hysterical! My stomach was literally aching by the end of tour from laughing so hard. But maybe I was laughing so hard beacuse I was slap happy. There was like no sleep for the whole tour. We went to a bunch of seminaries mainly and performed our show for like 7 hours, literally, and then had a few more that night. It was a lot of fun. My favorite memory was when one guy changed the narration in one of our songs from 'we will now perform for you 27 of the most popular songs of the century in the next 7 1/2 thrilling minutes! Hold on tight ladies and gentlemen....' to 'we will now perform for you 247,000 songs in the next 14 hours...gentlemen bolt the doors and prepare for the megamix of the millenium!' Of course it probably isn't funny to you...but the entire song was shot after that because everyone was laughing so hard. My most favorite part was singing at the retirement homes. The spirit was always so much stronger there than anywhere else. It was truly incredible. For the last show my dad (pappi) came up. There is this part of the show that I have to go sing to the boys in the audience, and as I am making my way back to the stage, my jazz heel gets caught on the stair and I biff it. I mean it when I say that-I took a total faceplant-right in front of Pappi. It was classic. That half of the crowd was gasping and saying 'are you okay?' Never live that one down. As for the present my plans have changed: I am currently living on campus as a summer activities assistant, and RA. I LOVE my job!!!! It is seriously such an awesome job! I basically host and plan family reunions, youth conferences/EFYs, girls state, and camps. I absolutely love it, and might take it again next summer.

So one of my roommates is uber social=very unlike me, but she's making me do stuff with her. It's typically pretty fun, but she's trying to set me up with her friend. She thinks we're perfect for eachother. I think not. He's awesome, and I have a lot of fun with him, but I am not really attracted to him. We have so much in common, and he is such a great guy, and we complement eachother really well, but I can't see myself with him. It makes me sad, bc I don't want to get him interested and say 'woah, back off dude, I can't be kissing you.' And I wouldn't want to hurt such an incredible guy. Plus, I still have my eyes on the boy I told you about in one of my first posts way back in January or something. I've had a crush on him for like 9 months. So he's my ideal physically. He's absolutely gorgeous. Not only is he a professional drummer, but he's fluent in spanish, smart, athletic, dresses well, awesome family, mormon/rm, and then I just learned he is an incredible hip hop/freestyle dancer, and partner dancer. Too good to be true right? Exactly right. So my roommate is a friend of his and says he's way too good for me. She says he's incredibly arrogant and a major player that uses girls. Totally pissed off-I really just am. WHY? Why are they all STUPID BOYS!!!!!!! But on a better note, my roommate has offered to let me hang out with them and evaluate for myself. She thinks that I should give him a chance. We'll see how that goes.
Other news: My book- It's getting there. I have gotten so far, but I feel like it's the story that will never end!!!!! My goal is to finish it this summer, and if I don't, I'm dropping it. It's like 8 years in the making and that is just plain ridiculous, plus I have 2 other books that need to get out of my head and onto paper. Wish me luck!

Kay, so sorry that was unbelievably long, but I just had to get it out there.