Sunday, November 8, 2009

I don't know what to title this post's untitled!

Me and Krys!



Tori's Wedding

Hey my loves!
I had to just load all the pictures on top...because blogger is SO DUMB!!!!!

I apologize for not blogging...But there has seriously not been time. So sometimes, I've felt as if the devil himself arranged my semester, instead of me. I want to punch him in the face sometimes. It's a good thing he doesn't have a body...

So so much has happened. I realized the last time I posted was in the summer. Well long story short...the summer ended well and conference planner was by far the very best job I had ever had.

School: I registered for 17 credits, but I'm actually taking 19, and dance practices, volunteering in the costume shop, and somehow...I got snagged back into HOPE choir. Let's just acknowledge that I am stupid and move on.

Boys: Non-existent. All the boys I like are unavailable...or impossible. And guy friends aren't much better. They all want to turn it into something. Double argggh.

Tori's Wedding- Amazing!!!! It was so beautiful, and so lovely. Tori looked like a dream. It was wonderful to catch up with everyone, and Rae- I got to hand it to you: I had so much fun with John! He was an awesome date.

Recent News....
-I AM AN AUNT!!!!! I am an aunt to the most beautiful baby ever!!!!! (pictures on the top) Her name is Morgan Jane Merkley. She was born on October 19, and as luck would have it, I was actually in Provo that weekend, and so I got to be the first to see her. And wow she is gorgeous. I love her so much it's unreal.

- I'm going to be going to Nail school. Probably this summer up north in the salt lake/davis area. I know it's superficial and has such a bad stereotype, but I am seriously so incredibly excited to go!!! I can hardly wait. I almost went and bought a bunch of supplies yesterday to teach myself how to do sets (fake nails). And then I saw how much the supplies cost, and I decided to go clean my room instead.

- There's a possiblity that I might drop out of school. It's not very fact it's almost non-existent...but I was seriously considering it about a week ago. I was going to finish off the semester, and then leave to go up north....I went and talked to my bishop, because things were getting so bad. He told me I was killing myself with my schedule, and he gave me a blessing which was hugely enlightening, and gave me just enough to keep going. And he told me to not get so involved next semester whatever I end up doing. So as this point I will probably stay...but who knows. I'll keep you guys posted.

-The book. Hhhm. Well it's going really well. And bishop actually encouraged me to keep writing it. If I had time that would happen. So as soon as I get off from blogging, I will be writing. There are so many people whom I have promised it to, and who are waiting on it, that I can't just not finish it.

My weekend has been amazing....even though there was nothing really special about it. I was pretty lazy. I slept a lot. I got my ring smashed onto my finger really bad...and had to get plyers to resmash it off. It's pretty mangled, and I'm bummed, bc my pappi gave it to me. (it's my turqouise one) But as painful and irritating as it was it was kinda really funny. Is it wierd that I find it really funny? Me and Krys got into hysterics hard core last night. Yeah. It was like we were high or drunk or something. And even though none of that was true...somehow I managed to fall off the bed, and couldn't figure out how I did, or how to get back up...and we were in tears from laughing so hard. Somehow someone 'wet Krysta's bed'. Not really, but her bed was really wet, and we couldn't figure out why. Wierd. It was great. We watched a movie, and just chilled, and I woke up today and it felt like christmas, and was such a relaxing nice day. It's been such a good weekend.

I love you all. Becks

Maddi and Rae, I'll see you within a couple weeks, cuz I'm coming back up north. (Sorry that was such a very long blog...but it had been a while