Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A long awaited return....

To the blog and to Flagstaff Arizona. I'm sorry it's taken so long to post. Life has been in sane, as you will all find out. Dang it gina!!!!!! where to even begin. well lets see. The last time I posted was the day before Valentines day.......wow. OK! Here we go. Buckle your seatbelts, this is gonna be a looong one.

Valentines Day-

So for the few days before valentines day Justin keeps telling me to get dressed up and he helped me choose which dress I was going to wear. And it was a pretty fancy thing he wanted me to dress up for aparently. So the night before I'm at my friends house and they all want to stay the night, but I have to be back by eight. haha. So I woke up really early there and did my hair and walked back to the Plaza in the snow!!! hahaha. Well I get there and its about five till so I throw on my dress and come to meet Justin downstairs and he comes to get the door for me and he's wearing jeans. hahha. So here I am freaking out that I'm too over-dressed and I STILL don't know where we're going, but we go none the less. haha. Well we're driving for abour fifteen minutes...and we run out of gas, fortunately we're able to coast to a gas station! hahaha. Meanwhilewe laigh that I would have to hitchhike in the snow in my formal and drive to our destination. Once we get to a certain point he tells me to close my eyes, so I do :) Then we pull up and he has me keep my eyes closed and carries me through the snow to our destination. It was pretty cute :) ANYHOW! So I am finally able to open my eyes and I discover we are in a photography studio. I see his cousin Budy in the back smiling at me and a massive mirror and a chair and rose petals EVERYWHERE. neededless to say I was impressed. Then I started bawlinga t what I saw. haha Over in the corner was a cello :) So just a quick background incase you're not sure what's going on, I have this cello fantasy. It's on my list of things to do before I die. To sit in front of a massive mirror in an expensive dress (it was) and play the cello like nobody's business. Well I don't know how to play it, but I looked like I was playing like nobody's business!! haha. That is what the pictures are for my post this time in fact :) I was so excited I could't stop bouncin and crying and hugging him. It's possibly the very best V-day I've ever had. Incase you couldn't already tell by all the smiley faces. haha. Then we went to his uncle's condo and got the whole piggyback-because-it's-snowing-outside-and-the-only-shoes-rachel-has-are-heels thing down to an art. So much so that I could open any door from his back and slide into the car with no effort at all! haha. Then that night I end up sleeping with his little sister Jenn, who I adore! haha. She's fourteen and hilarious. Well we read scriptures for a while and talked for about two hours and then fell asleep. Well at about 3 I wake up and realize....Jenn has her legs wrapped in mine. And not even in a remotely shy manner what so ever! haha. I realized that night that it's a Floyd thing and not just a Justin falling asleep during movies and getting comfy thing. But hey! Whatcha gonna do? So I laughed to myself about it and still chuckle every so often. It was a funny day.

Ok! since then. Lets see. I was called to the Temple Committee at church. unfortunately it was only for about a month and a hlaf and I was gone a lot of the time for it. I was at Maddi's one week, Justin's for break the fast, General Conference for one, at home for one week and then we had the temple dedication so we were only there for sacrament meeting, and was really only in my ward two weeks while I had the calling...Sad. I shall be much better when I go back for fall semester. I've actually decided to be better at a lot of things. Like journal writting and scripture study at a certain time and just all around trying harder. But to further elaborate on the above mentioned events...haha. I think I had actually mentioned going to see Maddi. Or maybe that was when she came to visit. Hmmm. Well I went to Provo to visit! hahaha. It was stinking awesome. We house hunted and talked and had the missionaries for dinner and had breakfast with Bridgit and Emily!!! Fun times I tell ya what. Then I went to justin in his ward to make dinner for break the fast that he is in charge of. acually I did that twice cause they needed more help with it. We did breakfast one time and hawaiian hay stacks the other. That was wonderful. We fed the whole ward and then his Bishop came and told me when I came back he was gonna transfer my records to their ward and he was already putting a calling together for me. haha. He's a way nice guy. Supper funny. And then I brought Justin home to stay with the family and we went to the Renaissance festival! Oh! and we brought Becky down with us. So she got to do the whole road trip thing with the two of us bums. Ok, we're not bums, but I was kind of emotional for that trip. I don't really recall why, but the trip was good and my emotions were working, so we know there's nothnig to worry about there :) We also went to the Draper temple deication and built a marshmallow temple the FHE beforehand and ours won!!!!! We had the oakland temple I believe. It's pretty amazing if I do say so myself. MMM yes.

Well lets see. What else is new. OH! yeah this one is kind of major. And a lot of why life has been insane. Riley is back. He's been really sick. Nobody knows for sure what's wrong so they haven't been able to treat it yet. He's been almost unable to function for the last few months and is just so drained and in such pain he can hardly do much of anything. He's been back for about two and a half weeks or so. And if it wasn't bad enough that I really can't do anything to help him I don't believe he knows the whole circumstance with Justin. Another thing that is aggravating. Justin thinks I'm just gonna go straight back to Riley and never come back to Utah. He thinks it's the logical thing that would happen. GRR! And I hate to make the whole thing about me, because it's not, and I understand that, but it makes it that much harder when one leaves on a mission and tells me I'm gonna be married by the time he gets back...while we're still dating as if there's really no reason to deny it and there's no point to us dating. Which isn't the situation I know. But imagine having your boyfriend tell you, without your input, that youre gonna get married to someone else while youre dating him. Deflating? Yes. Then Going off to school and finding someone that makes that a possibility. And don't let me forget that hte only reason I'm dating at all is because Riley and I decided it would be good and up til the day he comes back is still telling me to date. So I do and now Justin thinks I'm just going to run back home to Riley. Like, he told me to come back and date Riley. It's so weird. I don't even like this!!! haha. It's just not fair to either of them and way too stressful to have to deal with. ok, stepping away from it for a second. Breath Rachel. It's really nobody's fault and just really strangly arranged. There's a reason everything is happening the way it is right now. i don't know what or why, but the Lord does and he knows how it's gonna work out. And I know it will, but I just don't like not having all the answers an putting anyone else in an uncomfortable situation. But if this all turns out to be just Heavenly Father's last push because I'm oblivious and just need something that big to make me see, then I will feel so bad for both of them. But hey, it's a learning and growing experience. Bring on the learning :) I just hope that Riley gets better amidst all this and that they both can grow from it too.

But plans for the summer... Lets see. I'm back here for about a month, then I'm off to Europe!!! Two weeks in Paris, Belgium and a few other places. Then I'm back home for a little while and then I'm going to Julia's wedding and then off to Boston! After my adventures I am then off to Utah again. I'll start working and moving in and then school shall start. Well dang.
Well that looks like it'll have to do for the next little while. I'm sorry there's so much to take in and less details than there actually are. haha. Oh well! I'll keep the posts closer together so as not to confuse. Hope to hear from you ladies soon. Love you all !!!!!!


p.s. yes there are no cello pictures yet. We couldn't get them to load.Haha So when they do I shall post them haha. But I put up the Marshmallow temple instead! It's a terrible picture of all of us, but it was stinkin awesome :) It is Me , Justin and Jessie. Tadum! There you are. I'm off to take a shower! Loves!