Sunday, November 8, 2009

I don't know what to title this post's untitled!

Me and Krys!



Tori's Wedding

Hey my loves!
I had to just load all the pictures on top...because blogger is SO DUMB!!!!!

I apologize for not blogging...But there has seriously not been time. So sometimes, I've felt as if the devil himself arranged my semester, instead of me. I want to punch him in the face sometimes. It's a good thing he doesn't have a body...

So so much has happened. I realized the last time I posted was in the summer. Well long story short...the summer ended well and conference planner was by far the very best job I had ever had.

School: I registered for 17 credits, but I'm actually taking 19, and dance practices, volunteering in the costume shop, and somehow...I got snagged back into HOPE choir. Let's just acknowledge that I am stupid and move on.

Boys: Non-existent. All the boys I like are unavailable...or impossible. And guy friends aren't much better. They all want to turn it into something. Double argggh.

Tori's Wedding- Amazing!!!! It was so beautiful, and so lovely. Tori looked like a dream. It was wonderful to catch up with everyone, and Rae- I got to hand it to you: I had so much fun with John! He was an awesome date.

Recent News....
-I AM AN AUNT!!!!! I am an aunt to the most beautiful baby ever!!!!! (pictures on the top) Her name is Morgan Jane Merkley. She was born on October 19, and as luck would have it, I was actually in Provo that weekend, and so I got to be the first to see her. And wow she is gorgeous. I love her so much it's unreal.

- I'm going to be going to Nail school. Probably this summer up north in the salt lake/davis area. I know it's superficial and has such a bad stereotype, but I am seriously so incredibly excited to go!!! I can hardly wait. I almost went and bought a bunch of supplies yesterday to teach myself how to do sets (fake nails). And then I saw how much the supplies cost, and I decided to go clean my room instead.

- There's a possiblity that I might drop out of school. It's not very fact it's almost non-existent...but I was seriously considering it about a week ago. I was going to finish off the semester, and then leave to go up north....I went and talked to my bishop, because things were getting so bad. He told me I was killing myself with my schedule, and he gave me a blessing which was hugely enlightening, and gave me just enough to keep going. And he told me to not get so involved next semester whatever I end up doing. So as this point I will probably stay...but who knows. I'll keep you guys posted.

-The book. Hhhm. Well it's going really well. And bishop actually encouraged me to keep writing it. If I had time that would happen. So as soon as I get off from blogging, I will be writing. There are so many people whom I have promised it to, and who are waiting on it, that I can't just not finish it.

My weekend has been amazing....even though there was nothing really special about it. I was pretty lazy. I slept a lot. I got my ring smashed onto my finger really bad...and had to get plyers to resmash it off. It's pretty mangled, and I'm bummed, bc my pappi gave it to me. (it's my turqouise one) But as painful and irritating as it was it was kinda really funny. Is it wierd that I find it really funny? Me and Krys got into hysterics hard core last night. Yeah. It was like we were high or drunk or something. And even though none of that was true...somehow I managed to fall off the bed, and couldn't figure out how I did, or how to get back up...and we were in tears from laughing so hard. Somehow someone 'wet Krysta's bed'. Not really, but her bed was really wet, and we couldn't figure out why. Wierd. It was great. We watched a movie, and just chilled, and I woke up today and it felt like christmas, and was such a relaxing nice day. It's been such a good weekend.

I love you all. Becks

Maddi and Rae, I'll see you within a couple weeks, cuz I'm coming back up north. (Sorry that was such a very long blog...but it had been a while

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why Oahu and I get along

So... I'm sitting at work and it's late and I'm tired but I got chastised from Becky for not posting so I figured I would take this opportunity to update you girls.
Explanation of pictures: The top one is when Chelle came here to visit me. We're in front of a sign that says you'll be shot if you pick the coconuts. ha The next one is a group of us preparing food for a BBQ. The next one is after a dinner party. Check out my darker hair and my pretty orange dress lol. The last one is all my girlfriends here in front of some sick work at KeiKi Beach (pronounced kay-kee or cakey ha)
Beck! Oh my gosh, youre hair is so cute! When you told me you were gonna cut I just about had a heart attack and contemplated flying to Utah to stop you from chopping off your gorgeous curls! But now Im glad I trusted your decision because youre still a babe and your new hair is super chic.
And P.S. i have no idea what the boy post thing is about but...he seems pretty tight and he's pretty cute. I vote you give that a shot.
Rachel! Wow you've been doing so much! And always in the company of a group of guys. ha thats my Rachel. Im crazy jealous of your Europe trip-- Ill get there someday.
Maddi! I hope your roomates are much better than you anticipated. Are you still loving your job? You loving any boys? ha
Um well this term I wanted to take easy on classes, so i stepped outside my comfort zone and signed up for an art class. It sucks. All we do is draw and I may or may not fail the course. So tragic. But on the up side, I'm taking a surfing class. It's a ton of fun, and, believe it or not, I'm gonna be a pro-surfer by the time this term ends. Okay not really, but I can get up on my board and I have a lot of fun. Im also taking a math class and a religion class but those two are unimportant because i hate them and they have too much homework. ha
Hmm, well i decided that my current group of friends here force my life to revolve around food. We get together to eat. We plan dinner parties and BBQs and when we're bored, we light a fire so that we can roast something to eat. Pineapple, mallows, starbursts, brownies, you name it, all of it goes into the fire then into my mouth.
Well in light of the previous paragraph, I have also started running religiously again. I go for at least an hour a day and havent skipped a day in almost a month now (well besides Sundays of course). Running highs are my favorite highs. Not that I have anything to compare them to. Now all I have to do is stop eating so much and I might actually look like a runner. Dont hold your breath for that one though.
If you want an update on boys youre gonna have to call meeee. But I wouldnt bother because there isnt anything to update you on. Im never going to get married willingly and instead I am joining the peace corps as soon as I graduate. Can't wait.
I dont have a roomate this term and i absolutely love it. The entire room is mine and once fall hits I'm not going to be very happy to give half of it up. If I weren't an RA i would totally move into a house off-campus... or buy a van and live in it. Both sound pretty appealing.
Well I realized that Hawaii is perfect for me. I dont have to get dressed up ever (my wardrobe during the week honestly consists of V-neck tshirts and jeans or board shorts), nothing ever starts on time, Samoans make me amazing highly caffienated cocoa, I dont have to wear shoes, I can get anywhere on my longboard because the town is so small (a skateboard-longboard not a surfboard-longboard), your interviews with your bishop consist of the questions "do you wear a bikini" and "do you drink kava-roots", byuh security is the towns police (like literally), everyone greets eachother with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, Asian girls are the nicest, we constantly hate on "tourists", Hurricane Felicia and Enrique didnt bring anything besides humidity and good waves to surf (humidity is okay cuz it makes my skin lovely and my hair is beyond hope anyways so no big), no one judges you when your addicted to Matsumotos and Ted's bakery on North shore, and there are awesome concerts at pipeline cafe because every band wants to come here to play.
Anyways, once fall starts im going to have to stop being such a bum but Im enjoying it while I can. I lovve you all and hope your summers are ending well!
P.S. GIJoe was a sick movie
P.S.S I absolutely LOvE my Family Home Evening group. Im the Mom and also the only white girl. It's the reason I'm happy right now.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A matter of life or death!!!

ok not really. But Becky is going to a wedding and needed a date and asked for a friend that would be willing to go with her. I immeadiately thought of my good friend Jon Rudy. He's basically my favorite. haha. So now you all get a nice little intro into the life of Jon. For the sake of a wedding date :) haha. Ok! here we go. Jon os the one person I would bring with me from salt lake to provo when i go to just so happens thats where he is now! He's an actor, screen writer, entrepeneur, and all around good guy. He's incredibly spiritual and I have the most fun with him. One time we went to the movies and took an entire dinner in with us. Bacon wrapped chicken shishkabobs (oh yeah, he's a great cook too) with some of my bread and homemade jam. Just kind of based on how I know him I think Beck and Jon would have a great time. They both have the skill of relating to pretty much everyone and can talk about just about anything. They both are some of the more inviting conversationalists that I know. They are both incredibly passionate and stinknin hilarious. I'm k ind of starting to get jealous of the good time they would have. haha. Well I have posted some pictures. Let me tell you about them. haha I feel like im introducing a candidate for matrimony. NOT THAT SERIOUS! But he really is a great guy. Exhibit a of pictures. this is one he drew on his mission. yes, he's artsy and creative too. haha. He is on the right hand side. And this is very much jon. He is my favorite geek. haha. Exhibit b is just jon. You wouldnt believe he has the prettiest eyes from these picture, but they're stunning. Very soft looking too. exhibit c is a camp out. he's a well rounded guy that likes to have fun. Including camp outs with lot of friends. I actually went snow camping with him. That was stinkin awesome! Watching all the guys try to chop frozen wood for the fire was hilarious...Especially jon. hahaha. exhibit d is actually from one of the sets of a movie he acted in. I don't remembe what it's called, but its my friend Janarae's siblings favorite movie. When they heard we were friends with him they made her get his autograph. hahaha. We make fun of him because of one of the scenes. The line is..."This'" and it makes me laugh. Oh! maybe I'll post that one too. haha. And last but not least is a ghost buster picture. it makes me smile. he sometimes goes to conventions for his costume and has won multiple awards for it. and i just think its a great picture to show his personality. All in all I think Jon is a good candidate for Becky to just have fun with. Read and enjoy my dears. Please, give your input. haha.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This n this n this is our fate. I'm yours!

Firstly these are some pics of my new place :) I tried to load them once before and something happened so I'm sorry if they come up twice. Then there is one of me with a member of the guard...who winked at me!!! It was hilairous. I was shocked. That expression is smile going into shock. haha. Then lastly we have my boys in spedos. hahaha. Ok I guess I cant really call them my boys, but these are the infamous few that I went to Europe with that insisted on getting spedos. Yes, the one in the middle has one too, but we took the picture before he took off his trunks. haha.
It goes Danny, Mindaugas, Robbie, Justin, Tyler.Haha there you go. :) Enjoy the silly faces.

Becks your hair looks beautiful :) No matter the length I think that will always be the case though :) And you can be assured I'm rooting for you and your book. I know you're so close and I want to read from a hard cover. Any day now :)

Jayne, I must have more details of Hawaii! I know you're having the time of your life and I never hear much about it :) Although as I hear it you're also vry busy, so I'm not too upset about no updates. But, hey, who can blame me for being curious as to how your lovely face is impacting one of the more beautiful places of the world?
Mad now that I am closer to you I think we must do something some time. I miss your big laugh and the way you put your hand up to your cheek when you gets excited. I need Maddi time! haha

Rachel, you sill girl, you are terrible at updating this thing! Well, lets be honest, Beck and I were talking and nobody has really updated recently so I'm just gonna jump in and do one. Especially since there's so much to update on. I hope it will slightly motivate you to do one too cause I love hearing about your lives and I just love you girls. haha. Today is August 4th. Basically the end of my summer as I am back in Utah. I moved into my new place on saturday and sent my mom home on a plane yesterday. I have met one of my five roommates and she is wonderful. Her name is Kat and she has a lot of the best interests ever! I only say that cause we have them pretty much in common. She loves music, of every kind, art, food and she loves to talk. So we're pretty much the same, hahaha. But really, she's very sweet. The house is really cute. It's a split level with a pretty small kitchen, but the whole thing needs some TLC. There's very little here and not very much color on the wall. I hope to remedy that soon :) Oh! We found a cat in the window well when we moved in. It was stuck down there and I finally called animal control today to try and get it out. It was such a FAT kitty!!!! It couldnt jump out of a three foot hole. I felt kind of bad. But now he's safe and I get to live in my house with no crying kitties :)

In way of school I'm stinkin excited for the semester to begin at LDSBC. I went over to request a transcript yesterday and it was wonderful! I miss it very much. I'm sure I will in the winter too, because you heard right, I went to request a transcript. I'm hoping to transfer to BYU. I have everything in and ready to go, but the stinkin Besmart thing wont let me pay online. haha. So I'm probably gonna have to take a trip down to Provo and get that taken care of myself. Wont be a problem, I'm kind of excited to take the trip anyhow. haha. So we'll see how that all goes and with any luck I'll be there in the winter.

In way of work...I'm still looking. haha. Today has been my get things done day. I exercised, wrote missionarries letters, looked for some jobs, applied for a few, got numbers for lowes, home depot and a chevy dealer so I can find a place to make a duplicate of my car key...cause heaven knows I may be needing it :) haha. Anyhow, there is one job I am particularly drawn to right now. I found an add in the Salt Lake tribune for a part time opening taking newborn pictures at the university hospital in Salt Lake and I want it so bad. It's requires every other weekend and only three days a week, which is perfect since I'm going to school two out of five days of the week..although I may be switching one of them for another class on mondays and wednesday, cause I'll be in classes for about 8 hours every tuesday and 6 every thursday taking that route. which isnt too bad right now, but i don't know how it will be working too. Eh! We'll see. haha.

Here's a big one. What have I done with my summer? Not a whole lot :) Listening to music has been part of everything, but whats new there? haha I am now a fan of Nightwish, a bigger fan of Jason Mraz and have found one of the cutest songs from Never Shout Never called Trouble. So cute :) Traveling has been great!there's still a ton about Europe that hasn't been touched on. I still need to post the spedo picture :) haha Boston was wonderful too. I went with my family for a week. We went to Salem, saw the witchy stuff :) Toured the house of 7 gables. We saw a lot of the historical sites in Boston itself. We visited the grave of Paul Revere, who is actually an ancestor, so kinda cool. And the old north and south church, we took the duck tours!!! which was awesome and ate a lot of good food. We also visited the temple. That was probably my favorite part. It was Spencer's first time to go do baptisms and my first time with both my parents as well as my entire family. It was tender :) And beautiful! The grounds were incredible and the spirit was amazing. I highly recommend it as a place to visit. I could also recommend one of the Dunkin Doughnuts there, but they wouldn't be hard to find. There were more of those than starbucks and walmarts combined. It was bizarre. All in all a pretty rockin trip. Right after we got back from Boston we were able to settle for a week and revive our juices, then it was off to Utah for a week :) haha. We spent the fourth of July up here and it was splendid. fireworks, barbecues, tubing down some rivers, waterslides in jeans cause I didnt have my swimming suite and lots of being crafty. I made Jenn a birthday present as her birthday is two days before mine and we roasted starbursts over a fire pit. This was also a pretty defining weekend. jenn , as you may remember is Justin's sister. I spent quite a bit of time with him during that week. At the end of the week he wanted an answer. Something with closure in a moving forward sort of manner or to close all doors. Well in this last summer it has become very obvious to me that I'm not ready to get married and my heart isn't exactly entirely anyone's right now. Which is also exceedingly unfair to all parties. And there's still so much I want to do. I want to know exactly who I am and have an understanding of the gospel and make sure that who I am is who Heavenly Father plans for me to be, atleast at that time. And I wanna be an EFY counselor!!!! haha. I just want to know I'm being the best person I can be and be able to give that to the person I love most. So we closed all doors in approach to a relationship and now just remain friends. It's hard sometimes, but the time was far from right. And making this choice was one of the only things that has given me such peace in a good long while. At the same time, as I prayed about these things I also got the answer that I needed to be dating Riley right now. That it was something I needed to do. Maddi, I'm sure you're not thrilled to hear about that, but know that it's been good. If it wasn't the lord wouldn't have told me to do so. But I tell ya what, he has changed. He's still Riley and as wonderful and ever, but he's decidedly more considerate of...everything. haha. He has matured in many ways. He takes notice of those around him, includes and tries to be the person they need him to be. And he's considerably more weathered. They did finally find out what was wrong with him, and oddly enough, it was the day after I told him what was going on with Justin. And he was very comforting about the whole ordeal. He's been such a stronghold and an exmple to me this summer. I don't think that him comming home was a coincidence. I think I needed someone to show me the things I wasn't ready for, but by being loved at all the same time and that I needed to be there to help him too. I don't know how, but I think we were both the only way we each were going to learn these things. Who knows. haha. I'm not waiting. I'm still dating and living life, while writing him, but we'll see where that takes us. I don't know if it's meant to be, but I love him dearly and sent him again for the second time when I moved back to Utah. He's leaving today for Alabama again and he's better than ever. I hope I can be the same all the way out here.

Well there ya go. My summer in a nutshell. Oh! I have done some considerable amounts of rock climbing and have found I LOVE it. So this may become a new hobby. As soon as I can find an instructor to teach me the knots and the money for the equipment. haha this could take a while. So as for now I'll stick to rollerblading, which I can finally do again because Taylorsville isn't as hilly as Flagstaff! haha. Anyhow. I'll leave you ladies be. I'm off to go job huntine again and read a little bit. I love you all dearly and hope you all have some light in your life. If from nothin else then from the sky. That's my favorite place to look. It makes me realize how little I am and it always amazes me. I can tell the lord is in it :) Stay strong, you're beautiful!


Friday, July 3, 2009

Locks of Love and Loving the Bob

So like oh my heck Rae, can I just tell you how incredibly happy I am that you got to go to Europe? Like 99.9 %. The remaining percent is wishing I could have been there with you. Someday we'll all have to go to Europe. It's definetely on my to-do list.

Pig, let us know how your RA job is going. I am really curious to hear what kind of things you have to deal with at BYU-Hawaii, and if you're enjoying it. Congrats on graduating, though I am sorry about the rain. What's the boy situation from your side of the world?

Madds- I feel very vengeful everytime I read about your roommates. It makes me want to take up kick-boxing and then visit them. I would like to dispense my displeasure on them, verbally, and physically. You have nightmare roommates. You could honestly make a horror film about them. Hateful people. But from me to you- hang in there babes.

I chopped off over a foot of hair. AAAAAaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've lost my marbles right? (Well that fact was established ages ago). I actually like it a lot. And hate it a lot. So here's the story. As most of you know, I've had my hair a few inches from my tukus (that's butt in becky language) for almost 6 years now. I was very attached to it. It was like that one constant thing in my life. If my skin sucks, or I'm feeling fat (daily occurance), or just plain ugly, I knew I could always count on my hair to be my one redeeming feature. Unfortunately, the hair finally had enough of taking all the pressure. So I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but my OB put me on a new birth control last christmas, and essentually stopped my periods for 5 months. They were just testing my hormones, and it was pretty nice, but my hairdresser thinks it induced alopecia areata-hair loss in certain patches. I've been losing a lot of hair on the top of my scalp and in one spot in particular. My hair was seriously hashed. There was no body, or volume, and it was getting really thin on top, while still being really thick on the bottom. So, after talking to Tori, who had a similar problem, I followed in her footsteps and chopped off my hair. I had full intentions of growing it back immediately, and just getting a fresh start like she did, but now I'm not sure what I want to do with it. I love the style, and everyone else says it fits me way better than my long hair. Hhhhm. I don't really think so. It's fun and cute, but really I think it's just a faction of myself. I think the long hair was a huge part of my identity; a part that I liked, and even though I will probably keep this hairstyle for a couple of years, in the end I think I'll be going back to my long hair.

So what did I do with all that hair? I'm donating it. That was actually the deciding factor for me. I thought about taking it up about 6 inches and seeing if that would help, but the more I thought about it, the more I knew that I would regret it if I didn't. All the hair a few inches away from the scalp was in really good condition, and it would be wasteful not to donate it. Hopefully Locks of Love can turn it into a beautiful wig for some little girl who's lost her hair.

I thought it would be easier to style my hair short. Wrong. I have to style it. It's too short for a ponytail, barely fits into pigtails, and looks absolutely terrible if I don't style it. Hopefully it will just take time. (For the first time in several years I am using hairspray. The only times I ever used hairspray was for things like dance/guard competitions. wierd.) So right now the hair is a love-hate relationship.
My family news: Lolly has a bubble on her belly! Teehee! I am so excited to be an aunt! And guess what?!!?!! Benneth Lee is coming home from his mission in a few days!!!!!!!! I am ecstatic! I have missed my bro so bad. If anyone can make me laugh, it's him, and it's become pretty clear to me that I need that badly right now. I am coming home late in July with Boz to see Ben. Lindsay: A doll and a half. Gosh that girl is becoming so gorgeous, and mature. (Boys are lining up-literally). My mum: She actually just got a part time job at an Arts Studio. (As a secretary). It's totally the kind of place I would like to work at when I finish my degree. (dance, music, acting etc...) Unfortunately, my dad is still unemployed. It's been 7 months now, and the money is running low. We're hoping my moms job will at least ease the strain. Especially because my dad is (my sister-in-law from Canada) Stephanie's legal sponsor, she and Jon may have to move back to Canada. I know the Lord will take care of us though. If you could remember my family in your prayers that would be nice, and I have a special request; I am personally having a really hard time, and I've been fighting it for over a year now, but it's not getting any better. I don't know what's wrong. It's getting to the point where my parents want me to go to a doctor. My dad thinks I have depression, and/or the hormone experimenting my OB did on me really threw me off, but regardless I am having a hard time. I think the hardest part is knowing 'I'm not that girl' (the kind to get depressed) and I never have been. I've always been a happy person-when I get in ruts I get back out, and fast. I don't what the solution is, so If you could keep me in your prayers I would really appreciate it.

Oh and by the way, there is a possiblity that I will be going to the lake with science boy. *big smile*. He invited my roommate to plan a lake trip with him and asked her to invite her friends. We'll see if it happens. It might not even get planned. But if it does, the lake is the perfect opportunity to see if he really is a player and jerk. (You know how guys get in water. They seem to have few inhibitions, and are so physical. Wierdest thing ever in my opinion but whatever.) I am hoping that I will be pleasantly suprised.

Also my roommate and I (Krys) might be living in the wilderness for a week or two. (literally in Zions or Cali beaches, no hotel rooms, no showers, a backpack of stuff and thats it.) This is my attempt at shedding pounds and getting away from Cedar. We just want to walk all day and explore.

I love you girls so much, and feel privelaged to call you my sisters.
P.S. I changed the background...I'm not sure what I think of it-let me know.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Alright. I already tried this about twice and someone turned off my computer and I lost all of about seven stinkin hilarious paragraphs and then my computer died the other time. SO I'm just gonna start all over. I had responded in some very comical ways to everyones last posts, but lo, they are lost. I am very sad about this.
Maddi-Wifeypoo - I mentioned a few ways to get rid of your roommate and then some comical things about pirates and putting jello in her toilet to solidify overnight and laughing afar from a motorhome i came to rescue you in and all this crazyness about sending valene on a long voyage on an impossible rafting trip alone in the ocean and getting kidnapped by pirates... I hope you can get a good mental image from that alone, cause thats about all I recall. haha.

Jaynie - I whole heartedly approve of living in a library cut off from boys for a few years. I shal join you. Although I'm sure that at this point in time you probably are slightly more fond of boys again :) haha. And don't worry, I'm not getting married anytime soon if we're going off of things the way they are right now. Yes more will follow on that matter shortly :) But I miss you bunches and think we need to find a time to get together soon. I haven't seen you in too long of a time.

Rabeaky - As Jayne and I have mentioned....boys are silly and I agree with her. Don't date the jerks. And I'm so thirlled for you that you book is coming along. I loved what I heard of it and can't wait to read the finished product. And I'm sorry if I've forgotten the gender. It's been a while since I tried to update and things got messed up, but I shall now relay the news you asked me to on our last conversation. Lauren is having a baby girl! haha ok I'm going to call you can double check really quick just to be sure.....Yes! It is a baby girl :) Congrats for being an aunty!
Haha alright as for news, there's a a lot a bit. haha. Lets start with these lovely pictures :) Yes, they are of Europe!!!!! This first on is at Versailles in France. going from the top we've got Tyler (the blonde one), Mindauges (kinda hiding behind a head), Danny smack in the middle, Justin (not my justin, a friend), Myself and Robbie. Tadum. This was a stinkin awesome day. Good pictures, good laughs, and incredible sights.
This is a shot from one of our ridiculously long road trips. We had six of us in a five passenger car for a grand total of about 30 hours. haha. We had three in the back, one across the lap and two in front THE ENTIRE TIME. And guess who got to be on top for most of it...Yes. The little girl.Me. haha. I am actually going to see a chiropractor on monday too...this aided in my cause. haha. From the back and from left to right we have Tyler,Me, Justin,Danny on our laps,Robbie and Mindauges in front. It was Mindauges' car. A black BMW. We made that thing more white trash that it ever should have been. haha
This one is in front of the Louvre. Robbie,Justin,Me,Danny.THIS was so cool. I wanted to stay longer..but hey, I was with three guys. haha. Tyler and Mindauges went with some girls we met at the timeshare for this part of the day. I actually hav a picture of them on here too. They were canadian. Oh lets see. This was one of the last days and we were stinkin pooped for it. After the Louvre we walked to the Arche de Triumphe and it took about, oh, an hour and a half. My feet were so stiff I could hardly walk. Terrible. haha. Oh my goodness, before I forget. This was also where they jumped into a hollow column in the Louvre, about a nine foot drop, where there were no cameras and pulled out a ton of old Euros. I thought we were gonna get arrested for sure.haha. I'll have to get the videos and put em on here when I get the chance :)
And here we are on the Eiffel Tower. Yes. We took the stairs. It was killer. My butt looked so good after this trip and all the walking and stairs we climbed. From the left we have Danny, Robbie, Me , Justin, Kara,Tyler, Carine. The guys had a goal to kiss a girl on the Eiffel Tower before we left...We were there for three hours....And none of them got a kiss. hahaha. Ok, that's a lie. Tyler did. He got one of that Canadians to do it. But the other guys don't know that :) haha. They did however find a girl who gave us directions and was ridiculously confident. She ended up getting kissing pictures in front of the eiffel tower with Danny, Justin AND Robbie. There ya go. Some people have no shame. haha. I refer to the boys in that. All kissing the same girl within two minutes of eachother.haha.

There's our stair shot of climing up the tower. Tyler and the Canadians actually took the elevator. We wanted to be able to say we climbed all the way up :) Oh! Maddi you will like this. I'm not sure you can tell incredibly well in these pictures, but justin looks like Jerry from seignfeld :) haha. Ok Just because I'm gonna try and get another picture on here of him so you can see. hahahahaha. I'll probably put it on another one. But it will get posted :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

White. Yes.

Yay. Looks like we're doing the blogging thing again! Well my first pic is when i went to utah. Melissa, Maddi, Me, Jon. The next one is an old one i found of a random Flagstaff trip. K so my turn to catch everyone up. On my past 2 months. I decided I have a very white personality type when it comes to this kinda thing. Hmmm... K so I finished my first semester at BYUH. Made some amazing friends there. Avoided most drama. Happy. Came home. Made Melissa, one my "original 8" (my group of besties in Hawaii) fly down from Vegas to spend a few days with me. We had fun. We went to the lake and stuff. Then I went to Prom with Tanner. Super fun. My dress was obnoxious and purple.Then i did nothing for a while other then sleep. Well i kindaish started dating this boy. Eh that didnt last long. Shocker. Him and I drove up to Utah together. He continued on to Idaho but i stayed in UT. I got to see Maddi! She conveniently forgot to write that in her good-news part of her blog. And I got to see all but 3 of the kids from my group from HI. We partied. Happy. I flew home and decided to actually spend time with friends here. Its been fun actually. Ive been on some fun dates. One of my favorites was going to the new Toby Keith restaurant. It was way good. Well, okay, i ordered a grilled cheese sandwich so i dunno how you could mess that up. But it was still good. Oh yeah I graduated from high school too. It rained during the entire ceremony. I looked disgusting afterwards or I woulda posted pics. It was cute. Ive really just been having a good time in Mesa. Like Ive been hanging out with some kids that I always wanted to be better friends with here, and some that I never wanted to be better friends with but theyve turned out to be pretty cool. I go back to school in a week. Like Becky Im gonna be an RA. Hopefully it will be fun cuz im contracted to do it for 1 full year. Is it bad that Im tired of dating and would be perfectly happy if I were allowed to live in a library and not see people other than my professors for oh, the next 5 years or so?
Rachel, dont get married just yet. please and thank you.
Maddi, um Jesus said love everyone. And good luck getting rid of the red-head. And yay for the Jordan letter.
And Becky, cant wait for your finished book. And dont date the jerks, thats my specialty.
Well, like always. I love you guys and feel honored to be your friend and be allowed to have some small part in your lives, even if its just through this blog. Loves.


That was long. Pictures next time.

I know I know I know...

I've been slacking on the blogging thing. My sincerest apologies. :) Ok so story time. Chronological order ofcourse:

Well I finished my first term at BYU. It turned out fairly well, I still have all my limbs and sanitity. Yay me! I was promoted to Bakery Manager at the creamery. I'm in charge of the entire bakery, so cool. My roommate from last semester...okay buckle up this is going to be a wild ride:

Ok, so I can't really remember how much I've told you guys but I'll just tell you the whole thing...

So my roommate is named Valene, she is a red head, from Utah, and an English major. As soon as I heard that I really should have run for my life. So when I found out Valene is my roommate, I start e-mailing her to start getting to know her. Its weird from the start... She e-mails me and she asks me a few questions about myself, then proceeds to go on for 5 paragraphs about ber herself, how she is first chair in her orchestra, how she was number 3 in her class, how all the boys are in love with her, how her dad makes so much money, and how she is in the middle of writing a best seller about cats. We preceed to e-mail and she askes me how I want to decorate our room. I'm thinking a simple color scheme, but then she starts talking about a budget, and curtains, and art for the walls... I mean thats cute, but we're only going to be in this dorm for less than a year. So I finally get to BYU and oh boy...

So when you pick your room in the dorms, you fill out this survey about your sleeping habits, cleanliness, music etc. And then you can look at what your potential roommate said to see if you would be compatiable. Well I didn't know all of this, but when I found out some of her answers things started to make a lot of sense. Example: One of the questions reads, "How clean would you say you are" Answers, A) Really Messy B) Somewhat messy C) Fairly clean D) Extremely clean, a sock on the floor causes extreme stress....(I kid you not) Ok so I put C, I'm a fairly clean person and so thats what I put. Later do I find out she put D!!! AHHHHHHH kill me now! So, like any normal college student, I wake up late one day and I don't have time to make my bed...Heaven forbid. When I get home...she sweetly, (everything is done oh so sweetly) that I need to make my bed. Hmmmm....ok? It got to the point where one time she told me I couldn't go take a test until I made my bed. I was like... you've GOT to be kidding me.

She has this boyfriend named Matt and she bosses him around like none other. And then she comes home and asks me a million questions about if I think Matt is good enough for her because she is SOOO amazing?! And she stayed out with him till 4 or 5 in the morning and then comes home and turns on all the lights while I'm trying to sleep. But get this...I was out on a date one night, and it was 11pm and she called and told me I had been out too long and that it was time for me to come home! She does it in the morning too, she had an 8 in the morning class so she would wake up at 7 and turn on all the lights and put on music! And when I asked her about it one time, she said she did it because it was time for me to wake up.

She was super judemental, like I had strep throat for 2 weeks so I spent a lot of time in bed resting and such, and that next week her mom came over at like 11am and I was in the kitchen doing something and she said "Wow, I'm suprised you're out of bed, Valene says you don't get out of bed till like 3 or 4 in the afternoon" Um...ok? It was a nightmare, let me tell you. She has told me I'm ugly, stupid, and fat all in one day. She's a hoarder, and uses peoples things without asking, but never shares ANYTHING of hers. She brought $60 pans to college and got mad when we used them, even though she would use our flour, sugar, cinnamon, and pans to make 10 loaves of bread, and wouldn't share a single slice!

So basically I acted out passively agressively and made our room a complete disaster. I left all my dirty clothes on the floor and never made my bed and when she demanded that I clean up I said NO! So we had this big long talk, she told me all the things that were horrible about me, and when I tried constructivly to explain some of the things that she does that bother me she said she never does any of those things, and that she couldn't compromise anymore than she already had...

But I was pressured and signed a contract to live with her this next fall. Really really really dumb, I know. She is currently in London right now. More to come on the topic of Valene later. my other roommate and I went on this killer roadtrip as soon as finals were over. We went to San Fransisco, down to LA, and then to San Diego. It was SO fun. She dropped me off in Mesa on her way to Georgia. I stayed in Mesa for a week and half to spend time with my family. And then flew back up to Provo, to work for the summer.

So I get back to Provo and move into my new apartment just down the street from my new apartment. I meet my two new roommates who are both name Lexie, funny I know. They are super nice and we hit it off really well. But then I try to bring my boxes into my room, and I can't open the I shove and push a little bit and open the door a crack so I can see whats going on inside. It looks like a tornado went through the room...Paper, clothes, boxes everywhere, so that I couldn't even open the door! Both beds are covered so I shove my way into the room and start shoving things onto one side of the room so I have some space to put my stuff. My room roommate then comes home. Her name is Heather, she is from Tiawan and doesn't speak English very well. She seems nice...she says she will clean up a bit. Two weeks later...still a huge mess. But it gets worse, she is the loudest person I have ever met. Every single movement she makes is a Bang. She walks loudly, talks loudly, and even breaths loudly. So she'll come home at 4 or 5 in the morning and makes TONS of noise and wakes everyone up.

Theres more...when she does get home really late, I'll be in bed, under the covers asleep and she'll come into our room and start trying to talk to me. Even though the lights are off and I'm obviously asleep. She talks to herself, loudly of course. And she is the filthiest person I have ever ever met. She makes food, chicken or beef and not only does it REAK and stink up our whole apartment but she'll leave it sitting on the counter uncovered for days! She doesn't wash her hands after going to the bathroom, she touches things after touching raw meat, and...drum roll please...she was on her period and bled all over the bathroom, the toilet, the floor everywhere! It was the nastiest thing I've every seen. But here is where it gets bad... she brings strange men over to our apartment. Story time: Story #1 Patrick. Patrick is a friend of Heathers who is also from Tiawan. So Heather is taking a nap, and I'm the only other one home and there is a knock at the door. I open the door and there is standing a scary Asian man. He asks for Heather and I explain that she is taking a nap, he then says, "Oh I know, she told me to just sit in your kitchen till she woke up." ?!?!?!?!?!? So I can't go back into my room because Heather is sleeping so I have to sit with this guy, Patrick, and make small talk. He proceeds to tell me that he smokes and does weed. Great I'm alone with this guy and if he trys to rape me well I wouldn't be suprised if Heather sleeps through my screams. She didn't wake up for 2 hours.

Mkay Story #2 totally tops Story #1: Patrick and Heather and Strange man number 2 come to our apartment. Again, I am the only one home and they walk in and Heather tells Strange man #2 to sit and talk with me while she and Patrick go somewhere. So Strange man #2 sits down and Heather and Patrick leave. So I have to sit in my apartment alone with a strange man and make small talk. So strange man #2, Donald, starts making small talk, until he proceeds to offer me weed and ask me why I haven't invited him back to my bedroom for sex yet!!!

Offically the roommate from HELL!!! I thought I might get lucky after dealing with Valene, but OHHHHHH NO! I went from one extreme to the other. But, Heather has boys over way past curfew so we are working with managment to catch her breaking the honor code so they can terminate her contract....and speaking of Valene, she started bossing me around from another COUNTRY!!! She e-mailed me and told me she would be taking the bed by the window since I had it last time....great. So I decide, no way am I going to live with her again after having dealt with Heather all summer, so I go down and talk to management about roomming and they inform me that she had already e-mailed them about switching rooms behind my back. So thats when the crap hit the fan, I e-mailed told her she couldn't pay me to live with her agian and that we were going to find a girl to switch apartments with her. She e-mailed back saying, " You can't do that, you can't just kick me out with no where to go, I signed a contract for that apartment and you can't make me leave" even though she had e-mail the management less than a week ago asking to do that very same thing. So right now we're in the process of trying to find someone to switch with her...

THE END, well of roommate stories...

So I'm working at the Creamery still as a manager. I love it. And now I'm being paid in the research lab. Our research is going great, we had a little set back this morning but hopefully it will be fixed. My mom is in town, so its been nice to escape Heather for most of the day everyday.

I'm not dating that one boy anymore, he started to get flaky so I said goodbye. I got a letter from Jordan today :) He sounds SO good. Still not sure, what I'm thinking about him yet...however I do know that if he were to come home tommorrow I would marry him. Haha

My computer is broken. Dell is SUPER dumb and I HATE THEM!!!! I sent it in for this same problem in January under warrenty and they said they fixed and sent it back, however two weeks ago the same problem happened so I called and they said they wouldn't fix it because it was no longer under warrenty, even though it was the original problem that was NEVER fixed. So I took it to a computer repair place and they diagnosed it as a short in the Mother board that probablly had existed since the computer was made! And that it would cost $400 to fix! I hate my life! So thats whats going on...

You are offically caught up in my life. You're welcome.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Update from Becks

Hey my loves...sorry it's been like forever. I have been soooooo busy. So I just caught up on my other blog, and so now I will paste part of that, and add some, bc there's so much.

So first things first: School. Oh my heck! It was unbelievably busy, and stressful-Like I wanted to cry. But as stressed as I was, I finished well. The things I thought I bombed I actually didn't. I ended up with a 3.95 YAY!!!! Exciting right? Well I hardly had any academic classes, and it's pretty hard to fail your dance classes so it is really more of a joke than anything else. The unfortunate part is that due to budget cuts my scholarship got cut to a 1/4 of the original. The ironic part-my GPA is higher than the gpa that got me the original scholarship. So somehow I am going to have to come up with the extra money. We'll see how that goes.
Next: Moving out. Have I mentioned I hate this? Hate, hate, hate, double hate, LOATHE ENTIRELY!!!!! (The Grinch reference was totally for you Steph, although the sentiments are still mine). I almost cried at that part too. So besides a couple of my roommates, namely Krys who is my room roommate, they have been huge jerks, who backstab, exclude, never never clean, and have the attitude of 'holier than thou'. Essentually, me, Krys, and another one of my roommates who they literally would never talk to, had to clean the majority of the house. It was disgusting. Since the garbage cans outside were full, they just started leaving all their junk/garbage on the floor and the table,moldy food in the fridge. If the house had been inspected by officials, it probably would have been condemned. (so maybe that's a little melodramatic, but not by much). Me and krys and one other roommate were the only ones who cleaned out of 8 girls. I have been holding back on complaining about this because I was trying to be patient and what not...but that last weekend cut that resolve. I was livid.
Third: HOPE tour. (above pictures) In a word: Hysterical! My stomach was literally aching by the end of tour from laughing so hard. But maybe I was laughing so hard beacuse I was slap happy. There was like no sleep for the whole tour. We went to a bunch of seminaries mainly and performed our show for like 7 hours, literally, and then had a few more that night. It was a lot of fun. My favorite memory was when one guy changed the narration in one of our songs from 'we will now perform for you 27 of the most popular songs of the century in the next 7 1/2 thrilling minutes! Hold on tight ladies and gentlemen....' to 'we will now perform for you 247,000 songs in the next 14 hours...gentlemen bolt the doors and prepare for the megamix of the millenium!' Of course it probably isn't funny to you...but the entire song was shot after that because everyone was laughing so hard. My most favorite part was singing at the retirement homes. The spirit was always so much stronger there than anywhere else. It was truly incredible. For the last show my dad (pappi) came up. There is this part of the show that I have to go sing to the boys in the audience, and as I am making my way back to the stage, my jazz heel gets caught on the stair and I biff it. I mean it when I say that-I took a total faceplant-right in front of Pappi. It was classic. That half of the crowd was gasping and saying 'are you okay?' Never live that one down. As for the present my plans have changed: I am currently living on campus as a summer activities assistant, and RA. I LOVE my job!!!! It is seriously such an awesome job! I basically host and plan family reunions, youth conferences/EFYs, girls state, and camps. I absolutely love it, and might take it again next summer.

So one of my roommates is uber social=very unlike me, but she's making me do stuff with her. It's typically pretty fun, but she's trying to set me up with her friend. She thinks we're perfect for eachother. I think not. He's awesome, and I have a lot of fun with him, but I am not really attracted to him. We have so much in common, and he is such a great guy, and we complement eachother really well, but I can't see myself with him. It makes me sad, bc I don't want to get him interested and say 'woah, back off dude, I can't be kissing you.' And I wouldn't want to hurt such an incredible guy. Plus, I still have my eyes on the boy I told you about in one of my first posts way back in January or something. I've had a crush on him for like 9 months. So he's my ideal physically. He's absolutely gorgeous. Not only is he a professional drummer, but he's fluent in spanish, smart, athletic, dresses well, awesome family, mormon/rm, and then I just learned he is an incredible hip hop/freestyle dancer, and partner dancer. Too good to be true right? Exactly right. So my roommate is a friend of his and says he's way too good for me. She says he's incredibly arrogant and a major player that uses girls. Totally pissed off-I really just am. WHY? Why are they all STUPID BOYS!!!!!!! But on a better note, my roommate has offered to let me hang out with them and evaluate for myself. She thinks that I should give him a chance. We'll see how that goes.
Other news: My book- It's getting there. I have gotten so far, but I feel like it's the story that will never end!!!!! My goal is to finish it this summer, and if I don't, I'm dropping it. It's like 8 years in the making and that is just plain ridiculous, plus I have 2 other books that need to get out of my head and onto paper. Wish me luck!

Kay, so sorry that was unbelievably long, but I just had to get it out there.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A long awaited return....

To the blog and to Flagstaff Arizona. I'm sorry it's taken so long to post. Life has been in sane, as you will all find out. Dang it gina!!!!!! where to even begin. well lets see. The last time I posted was the day before Valentines OK! Here we go. Buckle your seatbelts, this is gonna be a looong one.

Valentines Day-

So for the few days before valentines day Justin keeps telling me to get dressed up and he helped me choose which dress I was going to wear. And it was a pretty fancy thing he wanted me to dress up for aparently. So the night before I'm at my friends house and they all want to stay the night, but I have to be back by eight. haha. So I woke up really early there and did my hair and walked back to the Plaza in the snow!!! hahaha. Well I get there and its about five till so I throw on my dress and come to meet Justin downstairs and he comes to get the door for me and he's wearing jeans. hahha. So here I am freaking out that I'm too over-dressed and I STILL don't know where we're going, but we go none the less. haha. Well we're driving for abour fifteen minutes...and we run out of gas, fortunately we're able to coast to a gas station! hahaha. Meanwhilewe laigh that I would have to hitchhike in the snow in my formal and drive to our destination. Once we get to a certain point he tells me to close my eyes, so I do :) Then we pull up and he has me keep my eyes closed and carries me through the snow to our destination. It was pretty cute :) ANYHOW! So I am finally able to open my eyes and I discover we are in a photography studio. I see his cousin Budy in the back smiling at me and a massive mirror and a chair and rose petals EVERYWHERE. neededless to say I was impressed. Then I started bawlinga t what I saw. haha Over in the corner was a cello :) So just a quick background incase you're not sure what's going on, I have this cello fantasy. It's on my list of things to do before I die. To sit in front of a massive mirror in an expensive dress (it was) and play the cello like nobody's business. Well I don't know how to play it, but I looked like I was playing like nobody's business!! haha. That is what the pictures are for my post this time in fact :) I was so excited I could't stop bouncin and crying and hugging him. It's possibly the very best V-day I've ever had. Incase you couldn't already tell by all the smiley faces. haha. Then we went to his uncle's condo and got the whole piggyback-because-it's-snowing-outside-and-the-only-shoes-rachel-has-are-heels thing down to an art. So much so that I could open any door from his back and slide into the car with no effort at all! haha. Then that night I end up sleeping with his little sister Jenn, who I adore! haha. She's fourteen and hilarious. Well we read scriptures for a while and talked for about two hours and then fell asleep. Well at about 3 I wake up and realize....Jenn has her legs wrapped in mine. And not even in a remotely shy manner what so ever! haha. I realized that night that it's a Floyd thing and not just a Justin falling asleep during movies and getting comfy thing. But hey! Whatcha gonna do? So I laughed to myself about it and still chuckle every so often. It was a funny day.

Ok! since then. Lets see. I was called to the Temple Committee at church. unfortunately it was only for about a month and a hlaf and I was gone a lot of the time for it. I was at Maddi's one week, Justin's for break the fast, General Conference for one, at home for one week and then we had the temple dedication so we were only there for sacrament meeting, and was really only in my ward two weeks while I had the calling...Sad. I shall be much better when I go back for fall semester. I've actually decided to be better at a lot of things. Like journal writting and scripture study at a certain time and just all around trying harder. But to further elaborate on the above mentioned events...haha. I think I had actually mentioned going to see Maddi. Or maybe that was when she came to visit. Hmmm. Well I went to Provo to visit! hahaha. It was stinking awesome. We house hunted and talked and had the missionaries for dinner and had breakfast with Bridgit and Emily!!! Fun times I tell ya what. Then I went to justin in his ward to make dinner for break the fast that he is in charge of. acually I did that twice cause they needed more help with it. We did breakfast one time and hawaiian hay stacks the other. That was wonderful. We fed the whole ward and then his Bishop came and told me when I came back he was gonna transfer my records to their ward and he was already putting a calling together for me. haha. He's a way nice guy. Supper funny. And then I brought Justin home to stay with the family and we went to the Renaissance festival! Oh! and we brought Becky down with us. So she got to do the whole road trip thing with the two of us bums. Ok, we're not bums, but I was kind of emotional for that trip. I don't really recall why, but the trip was good and my emotions were working, so we know there's nothnig to worry about there :) We also went to the Draper temple deication and built a marshmallow temple the FHE beforehand and ours won!!!!! We had the oakland temple I believe. It's pretty amazing if I do say so myself. MMM yes.

Well lets see. What else is new. OH! yeah this one is kind of major. And a lot of why life has been insane. Riley is back. He's been really sick. Nobody knows for sure what's wrong so they haven't been able to treat it yet. He's been almost unable to function for the last few months and is just so drained and in such pain he can hardly do much of anything. He's been back for about two and a half weeks or so. And if it wasn't bad enough that I really can't do anything to help him I don't believe he knows the whole circumstance with Justin. Another thing that is aggravating. Justin thinks I'm just gonna go straight back to Riley and never come back to Utah. He thinks it's the logical thing that would happen. GRR! And I hate to make the whole thing about me, because it's not, and I understand that, but it makes it that much harder when one leaves on a mission and tells me I'm gonna be married by the time he gets back...while we're still dating as if there's really no reason to deny it and there's no point to us dating. Which isn't the situation I know. But imagine having your boyfriend tell you, without your input, that youre gonna get married to someone else while youre dating him. Deflating? Yes. Then Going off to school and finding someone that makes that a possibility. And don't let me forget that hte only reason I'm dating at all is because Riley and I decided it would be good and up til the day he comes back is still telling me to date. So I do and now Justin thinks I'm just going to run back home to Riley. Like, he told me to come back and date Riley. It's so weird. I don't even like this!!! haha. It's just not fair to either of them and way too stressful to have to deal with. ok, stepping away from it for a second. Breath Rachel. It's really nobody's fault and just really strangly arranged. There's a reason everything is happening the way it is right now. i don't know what or why, but the Lord does and he knows how it's gonna work out. And I know it will, but I just don't like not having all the answers an putting anyone else in an uncomfortable situation. But if this all turns out to be just Heavenly Father's last push because I'm oblivious and just need something that big to make me see, then I will feel so bad for both of them. But hey, it's a learning and growing experience. Bring on the learning :) I just hope that Riley gets better amidst all this and that they both can grow from it too.

But plans for the summer... Lets see. I'm back here for about a month, then I'm off to Europe!!! Two weeks in Paris, Belgium and a few other places. Then I'm back home for a little while and then I'm going to Julia's wedding and then off to Boston! After my adventures I am then off to Utah again. I'll start working and moving in and then school shall start. Well dang.
Well that looks like it'll have to do for the next little while. I'm sorry there's so much to take in and less details than there actually are. haha. Oh well! I'll keep the posts closer together so as not to confuse. Hope to hear from you ladies soon. Love you all !!!!!!


p.s. yes there are no cello pictures yet. We couldn't get them to load.Haha So when they do I shall post them haha. But I put up the Marshmallow temple instead! It's a terrible picture of all of us, but it was stinkin awesome :) It is Me , Justin and Jessie. Tadum! There you are. I'm off to take a shower! Loves!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tie-Dye Tuesday

Okay okay I know, I'm really slow at posting. My apologies. Well a lot has happened since the last time i was on here, i just cant remember what. well I've got a story for you at least. So last week, my 4 closest (and only) girlfriends here decided that Jayne missed out on her senior morp, so we decided to make up for it by going on a girl-ask-guy date. And just so that i wouldnt feel like i missed anything from morp, i was given the job (i mean privilege) of finding a date for each of my friends. The catch was I didnt get to choose my own date- they chose my date, I chose all of theirs. Got it? K. Well can i just express to you how difficult it is to find 4 available, decent guys last minute? I mean, this isnt provo. The pickings are slim. Plus, my friends were expecting me to find them their eternal companions or something. I dunno. Needless to say I think i knew what every unmarried guy on campus was doing last weekend by the time I found my friends dates. Anyways, for our date we decided to have a brunch, go rope-swinging, and tie-dye shirts (our original idea was to attack canvas shoes with paint- but we couldnt find shoes in everyones sizes so we resorted to our fall back plan). My date ended up being a guy named Brett. I still cant figure out why he ever agreed to go with me- my only other encounter with him was insulting him after he did a scarily-amazing job in the suesical. My friends musta bribed him. Either way, Im glad i had a second chance to meet him, because he was a ton of fun to be around, not to mention really cute. I must mention though, two of the couples i put together on the date have now been on multiple other dates (in the past 4 days, yes). I know, I know, im just a good little matchmaker, what can I say?
So anyways, it just came to my attention that the semester is ending in less than 3 weeks. Not cool. Im not ready to face az just yet. Plus, since people think they can just come to school here for a semester and then leave, a lot of my closest friends here aren't coming back. Out of my immediate group of friends (yes, of course i managed to yet again find myself in a clique, regardless of past promises) only 1 other girl is staying and 2 boys. Lame. Well obviously im dorming with Lauren for first term, and then her and I are moving into a house together in the fall. I dont know what Im going to do when she graduates then. i guess get married or something. not.
It's finally getting warm here, but that was a really cruel trick of Hawaii to be colder than az. now i dont even have enough time to get a proper tan by the time i get home. And i have to stay in mesa for 6 weeks before I get to come home to Laie. After that, Im not leaving here again.
The end. Love you girls.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Catching my Breath

....Or at least barely. The past 2 weeks have been INSANE! But that can wait.

HOLY CROW! Madd-I can't believe how terrible your week was. I thought I was having a really bad day until I read your post, and then I reevaluated.
In truth, I think I have gone to 5 or 6 of my FHE activities this whole year. But I also have work on Monday nights. If you were my mom, I would totally be there all the time! That gym sounds so icky! And what terrible service-not even calling about your wallet. Buttheads. Your roomies sound like buttheads too.

So, I couldn't access your blog, but I was absolutely shocked when you said there was a warrant out for your arrest. If they have a warrant out for your arrest, I wonder what's coming my way. Like haven't they figured out that you are like 4.7 GPA, super involved, service oriented, gal, intent on changing the world(legally of course). It sounds like there are lot of buttheads in this world. By the way, can I just say, if Valene was a boy, I'd give 'him' a good kick in the pants. It sounds as if she needs some occupation, and some karma. Who does that? Honestly, how can you live with yourself when you treat people like that? She must have a rather tumultous environment inside her. If you felt good about it though, hang in there. Maybe she'll crack, and not be such a poohead. (I think I need to get some new insult adjectives). By the way, that picture of you is lovely Madd. week? Hhhhm. Where to begin.

-Well, so Rae is taking me back to Mesa for a few days, cuz I have been really homesick, and still not feeling like I am in the right place, and there is no place for me right now. Technically I love it here-but not fully. It always took a lot to hold me down, and I've always been excited about life and felt right. But right now I feel like my life is on hold, even when I feel as if I am doing all I can do. I feel like I am not allowed to get attached, because there is nothing for me here. And I think I figured out why now. Really hard to explain. Anywho. I almost didn't get to go, because in the performing arts program here, you have to contribute 30 hours of service a semester to graduate. As in Mandatory. Doesn't that seem like a little over the top? Like, "Oh, I can just not work for 30 hours the next couple of weeks, and starve and not pay bills." So yeah my service hours this semester are for the dance concert. Which also falls right on top of spring break. (why would they do that? No one will be here to see it) So I was required to work it. So P.O.ed. I had to ditch practice, work, and almost my spring break. But I got out of it; Yay for sucking up! The dance concert was INCREDIBLE! wow. I will post something if possible.

Well, because of this, I have been pulling 17-18 hour days at school, and I have had to choreograph, for people who can't dance. (I am stunned. That is all I can say). Anyhow. So working the dance concert was actually really fun, except for one development. A new stalker. Perhaps I am being a little dramatic. I mean he is nowhere near as bad as Antonio. But still, it's ridiculous. I think it's like taking my turn or something, after having 3 and 1/2 amazing years with Brad. I have been having the worst time with guys up here and normality. So maybe he doesn't qualify as a stalker, but he's pretty darn close, and I wouldn't be suprised if he has been googling me. (I googled myself to see if this would show up-hopefully I can talk freely)
It all started with me running into this techie underneath the stage. There was an introduction after the 4 or 5th time, and then he started trying to hang out with me and my friend Mikala (in the picture with me). At first I thought he just wanted to be friends. That's cool right? Wrong...because that's not what he wanted. He starts coming down everytime he can get away from teching, and finds us. But he has never said a word to Mikala. He ignored her completely and talked only to me. Not a good way to win my favor-don't really like guys that treat my friends like crap. After a few days of this, I am starting to get the feeling he has a thing for me, and what do you know, he asks me out for coffee. Sure I say, because I'm stupid, and feel like I should be nice. Besides going out for coffee is pretty casual. Friends do that all the time. Well that was like a green light for him. He asked on Wednesday, and we went on Saturday. So every night from then on, he was tailing me, and trying to impress me with his snobbery, still ignoring Mikala, and getting this aggravated look on his face if I talked to anyone else. And one of my dance friends heard him talking to the other techies about how cute I was and how he wanted to ask me out and stuff. Dumb boy. So it was getting bad enough that the dancers were taking pity on me and asking me to help them in the girls dressing room, when they really had nothing for me to do. They're so nice. He just walked back and forth, waiting for me to come out, so I tried to find reasons to be in there for extended periods.
Going out on Saturday- we went to this novelty coffee shop called the grind, and I got my hot chocolate, and he got his coffee, and we talked. Which overall was okay, except when he got arrogant. But he kept trying to set up more dates. So not. Then we went to this record store run by hippies. By this point I was long done, the spirit wasn't present, and I just wanted to go home. But I wasn't going to let him know where I live. He already asked and I was like 'over there'. (who does that?) So after the longest 2 hours of my life, I finally got free, and hope to avoid him until I get a boyfriend, or a tazer. Why do I have such frikin' bad luck with boys? Aaaaargh!!!!

In truth, he was a nice boy, but I am not interested and have a hard time being rude to guys. It's kinda against my policies, so avoidance is my best tool. Wish me luck.
So yesterday was like one of the worst days I've had this year. I am so so stressed this week, and have so many deadlines, and it was like the day just crumbled. I called my mom, cried, had a job interview for a summer job that I am starting to get apprehensive about, running out of cash, and freaking about choreography, midterms, future money, etc.... I also did something really rude on accident and hurt someone's feelings really bad. Felt like a word I can't say. That's why I was crying mainly. I felt terrible.

And then today came, and the sun is shining, the HOPE altos made my day, and I've been getting free food all over campus, which is convenient since I didn't bring food today. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I am so thankful there is a God, and he loves me more than I deserve. I love you all crazy much, and miss you.

All my love


Sunday, February 22, 2009

So you know the saying "well at least it can't get any worse"?

Well I seemed to be a big fan of that phrase this week, and if I recall correctly, Jane in Tarzan said something to the effect of that, and then is started to rain. I feel a little bit like that this week. Its just been awful. I guess I'll just go in chronological order.

Monday: A holiday, a nice relaxing day, no school, should be nice right. WRONG. It was super stressful. I can't even remember it all now, I just remember being so frustrated all day. But I do remember that night...ok, so I'm FHE Mom and I love my calling so much. I love the boy I get to serve with, hes amazing and SO supportive. Hes wonderful. And I love the people who are in our group, we're all really close, and have so much fun when we're together. However, lately a lot of people have been choosing to do things other than come to FHE, such as go on a date or take a test or sleep or what not. So it was ok for a little bit until it started to become a trend. One time I put a lot of effort into planning a really fun activity and I got there and only 4 other people showed up. There are 18 people in our FHE group. I was not happy. And the sad part is that most of the people who aren't coming are my roommates. It was really starting to hurt my feelings. So Monday night, we planned this activity where we went to a tumbling gym that had all this really fun stuff. So I get ready to go and one by one my roommates all come up with an excuse of why they aren't going. So I just go with the rest of the group to the tumbling gym and we carpool over there and we pull into this really sketchy parking lot next to what looks like an abandoned warehouse. I was scared. So we go inside, and it REAKS!!! I'm not even kidding, this was one of the worst smells I have ever smealt in my life. It smelled like old, moldy, sweaty, socks. It was nasty. So after overcoming the smell and trying to train myself not to breath, I go up to this desk, where this guy is sitting. And this guy....oh boy...he looks like he hasn't showered in weeks, and we smells too. And he opens his mouth and he has 4 teeth! Four! And under his bottom lip he has a piece of chew tabbacco. I was about to die. It was the grossest thing I had ever seen. Anyways...we actually ended up having a really fun night. So we play there for awhile and when I get home, I sent out an e-mail to everyone expressing my concerns about FHE attendance. I tried to make it really generic, just saying how I missed everyone when they didn't come, and how the other kid and I put a lot of work into FHE so it will be fun, so it hurts my feelings when people don't come, and at the end I just asked them to try and take their tests earlier or afterwards etc. No big deal I thought, just trying to communicate. Well I guess it was a huge deal, and I offend ALL my roommates because I specifically targeted them in my e-mail. Great....

Tuesday: Mkay, so earlier last week I got a letter in the mail saying there is a warrent out for my arrest: LONG story, read my blog if you want to hear it. So basically I spent the whole morning on the phone with the court trying to figure everything out. So I kind of get that taken care of, so I go to sign my contract for housing for next fall. I head over to the complex and get the contract for the apartment. I think I mentioned before the whole drama about the housing situation, if not, just read my blog ( So I get over there, meet my new roommates, they are super great, and I go back to the office to give them my deposit. Well as I search for my wallet in my purse I can't find it and realize that I must have left it at that creepy tumbling gym!!! So basically, I had to write a check, but only for a part of the amount because I don't have enough money in the account that the checks are for. Tuesday=bad bad day.

Wednesday: My roommates are still mad at me, there is still a warrent out for my arrest, my wallet is still missing and it got worse. Again, there is this whole background about the housing, but basically, we wanted an apartment on the third floor, we were told there were no apartments left on the third floor, and so we got an apartment on the first floor. Well, our friends come back from signing their contract at the same complex, and they tell us that two girls who are friends with our other roommate just left there and they had recieved a third floor apartment. So I called. Apparently, because we had put our name on the list really early we had pretty high priority when it came to room choice, and the two girls who were friends with our roommate, had gone in and said they were with us and used our priority to get a third floor apartment. I guess they had "limited" third floor apartments and when they asked us if the first floor apartment was okay, thats what they meant, and we just misinterperted what they were saying. So I got mean, the lady got scared, and a couple hours later we had a third floor apartment.

Thursday: Still a warrent for my arrest, my roommates are still mad, and my wallet is still missing. So I spend most of Thursday trying to get a hold of the tumbling gym to find out if they have my wallet. They NEVER answer their phone! And earlier I think I told you guys how I decided I was going to room with Valene again next semester. Well things seemed to be going well, she was being decent at least. And I was trying really hard to form a bond with her so next fall would be better. Well I don't know if I just became more sensitive to everything she said, or if she decided to take it up a notch, because it seemed like every other word out of her mouth was telling me what a horrible person I am, how much better she is than me, just being a complete brat. I don't know what I'm going to do next semester.

Friday: Still a warrent out for my arrest, and my wallet is still missing. I guess my roommates are over the e-mail by now which makes things a little bit easier. I had been postponing taking a test because I haven't had my wallet, and you need your ID to take a test. But it was the last day to take it so I spend most of the morning trying to get in contact with someone from the gym. I had no luck at all and finally just went to take my test. So I get to the testing center, I explain that I've lost my wallet and have no form of ID whatsoever. They tell me they can't give me a test without any ID and send me to the ID office (which is on the other end of campus). So I go the ID office, ask for a new ID, and they tell me I can't get a new ID without giving them my old one or paying for a new one. I have no way to pay since I don't have my wallet and I don't have my old ID because...well its in my wallet too. So no luck there. I go back to the testing center, explain to them the situation, how its the last day to take the test and everything, and finally they send me down to a computer in the lobby of the testing center to take a picture with my cell phone of a picture on the computer of my Student ID. So they used that and I was finally able to take the test. Ugh.

Saturday: Still a warrent out for my arrest and no wallet. But I'm thinking...hey the weeks over, it can't get any worse, its Saturday, I'm good. Hahaha....well that day, we had planned to go to the Draper Temple open house as an FHE family. I tried to help plan some of it, but one of my roommates was doing it and she got frustrated when I tried to help because she thought I was taking over. So I backed off and let her do her thing. We were planning on a doing a picnic before hand at a park nearby and then go to the temple. So they had it all planned out. We met before hand to make the food, and everyone was running behind. Basically we got to the park an hour later than they had planned and we had five minutes to eat. But no big deal, its just a picnic, the important part was the temple. But then one of the boys who is in our FHE group, hes new and wasn't here last semester, decided to wander off and disappear. He just walked off. No one knew where he went, or why, or what was going on at all. (He is so weird you guys, I have no idea what to do. Hes SOOOOO weird.) So we spend the next 15 minutes looking for him, finally find him, and hes upset about something but he won't tell anyone whats wrong!!! Meanwhile, its Valene's parents who drove us there, not a smart idea, but not my idea, and they are getting really impatient and freaking out because we were supposed to be at the temple by 3:00 and it is now 3:15 and the boys are still off trying to talk to Jacob (the weirdo) to figure out whats going on. So they are expressing their displeasure with me, because its apparently my fault that everything is running behind. (Its always my fault when it comes to Valene and her family, read my blog if you want more on that) So finally we all are getting in the car, and I turn to talk to the other girls who are getting in their car and tell them whats going on, and one of them just freaked out and started being super mean and rude and it totally came out of no where. So we have Jacob off being a mute, the other girls (not from our apartment but the other one) mad for who knows what reason, and everyone else mad at me because we're not going to be on time for our scheduled "tour". So I started crying. I just couldn't take it anymore. We got to the temple and I was able to talk with the girls a little bit to find out what was wrong. I guess they had been feeling left out all semester, and even last semester and it was just a bad day where it all accumulated at once. (sound familiar, Natalee anyone? I'm a magnent for these kinds of things) So basically, I'm to the point where I'm breaking down because I feel like everything is all my fault, like I'm a horrible person, and I just don't know what to do. I'm crying and I go and talk to David, my FHE husband, and he was sooo sweet. We were able to talk about things and figure out what we should do right then, and set a time to meet so we could fix everything else. So we went through the temple, apparently you didn't even need a reservation, you could just walk in and go through, so it didn't matter at all what time we got there. It was fun, awkward because we were still with the other girls, and I had to maintain civil conversation with Valene's parents, but the temple was beautiful. And no matter how bad the week had been, you couldn't help but feel the spirit there. It was a good way to end the week from HELL!!!

Sunday: Today, still a warrent for my arrest, still no wallet, but it wasn't that bad of a day. I hope its a sign of the rest of this next week. Church went really well. I'm back to being extremely frustrated with Valene, she keeps saying things and just being such a huge Brat, I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't know if I'm going to be able to finish out the semester with her, let alone spend a whole term again with her next fall. When I prayed about it, it felt right. I'm supposed to room with her, but its not going to be easy. I'll keep you posted.

Becky- I was pretty much dying of laughter when I read your embarassing story. I wish I could have been there. Haha. And you would love Mr. Justin Wonderful Pants. Hes so good to Rae Rae. But Brett...well I don't think you would like him actually. Not like that anyways. He's way fun and you would probablly be good friends, but I can't see you and him...well you know...:) As for college you sound like your having fun. I wish I would get asked to dance here, actually I just wish I was half as gorgeous as you so I could talk to a boy without feeling like an idiot. answer your question, yes I will get paid to make mud next semester. I'm excited!

Jayne- I am so jealous. I would so much rather be at the beach then trecking through the snow up here. And your life is SOOOO not boring, especially with all those gorgeous guys following you around. I can see why Cory's girlfriend doesn't like you though, because as soon as he figures out you're intrested, she's going to be dropped like a hot tamale.

Rachel- Thanks for uploading all those pictures! They are way fun. Haha oh the memories! I'll have to see if I can find some to upload too. You need to come back down to Provo and bring the Justinator with you or maybe not, because then you can go on a date with Jake :).

I love you guys so much. I hope my huge blog about how miserable this week was didn't depress you. I actually am really happy here even though I miss you all like CRAZY!!! I'll try to blog on my own blog soon so you can read it and fill in some of the gaps with this story that didn't exactly make sense. Well its late, and I better get my beauty sleep because I see Asher tommorrow. Haha

Love you!