Sunday, June 6, 2010

Opinions wanted

I have a few dresses I've narrowed my pickings down to for the wedding, but I needed a little help. Yes the indecisiveness has yet to subside :) haha. If I could get your input that would be awesome. The colors are an ashy plum, antiqued rose color with cream and basically the chromatic scale in between. I wanted it to be really antique vintage so that's what we're goin with if that helps for mental image :) here ya go!

This first one is a satin ivory with lace and beaded detailing on the rouching(is that spelled right?) and a fuller a-line skirt.( We will be putting tulip sleeves in whatever dress we get, and Ivory wont matter because in order to wear it into the temple anyhow it has to be pristine white, comeup to about your neck, be long sleeved and very simple, so no matter what I get it can't be worn in the temple so Ill just be wearing a temple dress for the ceremony)

This other one is a white beaded satin bodice with an organza skirt. I didn't like it at first, but it grew on me. I like that it's different and that it's ridiculously light weight and looks kind of like water. haha.

This last one is a white satin bodice with silver detailing and has a sheer gauzy material draped over it.

I just kind of wanted to have you girls be a part of the experience since I couldn't have you here. haha and lets be honest, I could use some brute honesty in making a decision :) I love you girls. Thanks so much!