Monday, August 10, 2009

A matter of life or death!!!

ok not really. But Becky is going to a wedding and needed a date and asked for a friend that would be willing to go with her. I immeadiately thought of my good friend Jon Rudy. He's basically my favorite. haha. So now you all get a nice little intro into the life of Jon. For the sake of a wedding date :) haha. Ok! here we go. Jon os the one person I would bring with me from salt lake to provo when i go to just so happens thats where he is now! He's an actor, screen writer, entrepeneur, and all around good guy. He's incredibly spiritual and I have the most fun with him. One time we went to the movies and took an entire dinner in with us. Bacon wrapped chicken shishkabobs (oh yeah, he's a great cook too) with some of my bread and homemade jam. Just kind of based on how I know him I think Beck and Jon would have a great time. They both have the skill of relating to pretty much everyone and can talk about just about anything. They both are some of the more inviting conversationalists that I know. They are both incredibly passionate and stinknin hilarious. I'm k ind of starting to get jealous of the good time they would have. haha. Well I have posted some pictures. Let me tell you about them. haha I feel like im introducing a candidate for matrimony. NOT THAT SERIOUS! But he really is a great guy. Exhibit a of pictures. this is one he drew on his mission. yes, he's artsy and creative too. haha. He is on the right hand side. And this is very much jon. He is my favorite geek. haha. Exhibit b is just jon. You wouldnt believe he has the prettiest eyes from these picture, but they're stunning. Very soft looking too. exhibit c is a camp out. he's a well rounded guy that likes to have fun. Including camp outs with lot of friends. I actually went snow camping with him. That was stinkin awesome! Watching all the guys try to chop frozen wood for the fire was hilarious...Especially jon. hahaha. exhibit d is actually from one of the sets of a movie he acted in. I don't remembe what it's called, but its my friend Janarae's siblings favorite movie. When they heard we were friends with him they made her get his autograph. hahaha. We make fun of him because of one of the scenes. The line is..."This'" and it makes me laugh. Oh! maybe I'll post that one too. haha. And last but not least is a ghost buster picture. it makes me smile. he sometimes goes to conventions for his costume and has won multiple awards for it. and i just think its a great picture to show his personality. All in all I think Jon is a good candidate for Becky to just have fun with. Read and enjoy my dears. Please, give your input. haha.

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