Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why Oahu and I get along

So... I'm sitting at work and it's late and I'm tired but I got chastised from Becky for not posting so I figured I would take this opportunity to update you girls.
Explanation of pictures: The top one is when Chelle came here to visit me. We're in front of a sign that says you'll be shot if you pick the coconuts. ha The next one is a group of us preparing food for a BBQ. The next one is after a dinner party. Check out my darker hair and my pretty orange dress lol. The last one is all my girlfriends here in front of some sick work at KeiKi Beach (pronounced kay-kee or cakey ha)
Beck! Oh my gosh, youre hair is so cute! When you told me you were gonna cut I just about had a heart attack and contemplated flying to Utah to stop you from chopping off your gorgeous curls! But now Im glad I trusted your decision because youre still a babe and your new hair is super chic.
And P.S. i have no idea what the boy post thing is about but...he seems pretty tight and he's pretty cute. I vote you give that a shot.
Rachel! Wow you've been doing so much! And always in the company of a group of guys. ha thats my Rachel. Im crazy jealous of your Europe trip-- Ill get there someday.
Maddi! I hope your roomates are much better than you anticipated. Are you still loving your job? You loving any boys? ha
Um well this term I wanted to take easy on classes, so i stepped outside my comfort zone and signed up for an art class. It sucks. All we do is draw and I may or may not fail the course. So tragic. But on the up side, I'm taking a surfing class. It's a ton of fun, and, believe it or not, I'm gonna be a pro-surfer by the time this term ends. Okay not really, but I can get up on my board and I have a lot of fun. Im also taking a math class and a religion class but those two are unimportant because i hate them and they have too much homework. ha
Hmm, well i decided that my current group of friends here force my life to revolve around food. We get together to eat. We plan dinner parties and BBQs and when we're bored, we light a fire so that we can roast something to eat. Pineapple, mallows, starbursts, brownies, you name it, all of it goes into the fire then into my mouth.
Well in light of the previous paragraph, I have also started running religiously again. I go for at least an hour a day and havent skipped a day in almost a month now (well besides Sundays of course). Running highs are my favorite highs. Not that I have anything to compare them to. Now all I have to do is stop eating so much and I might actually look like a runner. Dont hold your breath for that one though.
If you want an update on boys youre gonna have to call meeee. But I wouldnt bother because there isnt anything to update you on. Im never going to get married willingly and instead I am joining the peace corps as soon as I graduate. Can't wait.
I dont have a roomate this term and i absolutely love it. The entire room is mine and once fall hits I'm not going to be very happy to give half of it up. If I weren't an RA i would totally move into a house off-campus... or buy a van and live in it. Both sound pretty appealing.
Well I realized that Hawaii is perfect for me. I dont have to get dressed up ever (my wardrobe during the week honestly consists of V-neck tshirts and jeans or board shorts), nothing ever starts on time, Samoans make me amazing highly caffienated cocoa, I dont have to wear shoes, I can get anywhere on my longboard because the town is so small (a skateboard-longboard not a surfboard-longboard), your interviews with your bishop consist of the questions "do you wear a bikini" and "do you drink kava-roots", byuh security is the towns police (like literally), everyone greets eachother with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, Asian girls are the nicest, we constantly hate on "tourists", Hurricane Felicia and Enrique didnt bring anything besides humidity and good waves to surf (humidity is okay cuz it makes my skin lovely and my hair is beyond hope anyways so no big), no one judges you when your addicted to Matsumotos and Ted's bakery on North shore, and there are awesome concerts at pipeline cafe because every band wants to come here to play.
Anyways, once fall starts im going to have to stop being such a bum but Im enjoying it while I can. I lovve you all and hope your summers are ending well!
P.S. GIJoe was a sick movie
P.S.S I absolutely LOvE my Family Home Evening group. Im the Mom and also the only white girl. It's the reason I'm happy right now.

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